Slowly getting back into the swing of things

PI runs done, trade orders collected and tweaked.  I have some 700M of buy orders up at the moment.  Considering how small I started off, it has steadily been gaining momentum.

I haven’t had much luck with my PI sales – it looks like people stocked up just before Crucible, and I have priced them rather high.  The market does seem to be slowly moving towards my prices though.

Serpentine Logic ( ) put me onto an article over at the White Rose Conventicle about the value of AURUM on the EVE market.  An amazing read –

I collected my EVE Christmas present, faction missiles and a set of Fuel Block BPO.  A quick Google Search suggested perfect ME was 40, so I ran the set over to a public research station and queued them up.  I’ll go back and collect them in 36 days – the majority of that just waiting for the slot to free.

Alt 2 is under a day off being able to pilot and appropriately fit a Covetor (and a Hulk not long after that.)  I might set up one for maximum cargo capacity, and just when I have a spare 10 minutes here and there, use it to slowly stockpile up some minerals.  Funny how these little efforts increase the ISK balance over time.

One thought on “Slowly getting back into the swing of things

  1. There was a Dev Blog by Grayscale or Comment forum from Dev Blog saying that ME 40 on Fuel Blocks was Perfect with 14 being 2nd best with only waste being 1 isotope at ME 14. Takes like 4 days to research start to finish.

    Yeah mining a few minutes here and there does go a long way to stocking up on needed mineral stock. I need to do that more often myself.

    Merry Christmas though, hope the back gets better as well.

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