The year that was

My first post on this EVE blog was back on January 16th, 2011.  The goal of the blog has remained the same – to help give me some focus in the game, voicing goals, thoughts and observations.  It is nothing more, nothing less.  Over the year:

My Main has gone from 70 to 90M SP.  He picked up the ability to fly all T2 BS hulls, use all T2 BS weaponry, and fly and appropriately fit all standard Dreads and Carriers in game.

Alt 1 has gone from 65 to 83M SP.  Much to his chagrin he picked up the ability to fly Exhumers, worked on getting almost all of his tanking skills to rank V, and most recently has started working on being able to fly Minmatar hulls and use their favored T2 weaponry.

Alt 2 has gone from 8 to 16M SP, picking up PI skills, the ability to pilot an Orca, and most recently fly Exhumers.

Alt 3 has gone from 6 to 10M SP, adding mainly Minmatar related PVE skills to his capabilities.

Alt 4 was born and trained up 2M SP in PI and hauling.

I had some goals that I succeeded in.  After a slow start, I have managed to increase my relatively passive ISK income from 100M to 200M ISK a month through PI and backwater trading.  It should surpass that noticeably in the next year.  I re-opened my third account.  I looked at the Sister of EVE Epic mission Arc, investigated static Hi-Sec sites, and played around with Strategic Cruiser and Rattlesnake fittings for PVE.   I finally found a Player Corp with a play style that suited me; setting up 3 new bases of operation in their Hi Sec, Low Sec and NPC Null Sec homes, and I got my Main into his own Carrier.

There were some goals that I failed in.  I wanted to look into invention, which I didn’t – hopefully this year.  I wanted to re-anchor a personal POS, but while I did that, I did not leave it running for long.  The costs are just too high for casual play.  I wanted to grind standings for my home in Devoid, which I just couldn’t motivate myself for (and was saved from doing so by joining a Corp located elsewhere).  I wanted to get more into PVP, but only ended up going out a dozen times for a couple kills.

My goals in the new year include invention, more PVP, trying to cut down on the number of ships I own, review all my rail fits, review all the new T2 modules and update my fits, and review the T2 rigs for some of my PVE fittings, given how cheap they can be now.

Over the year my ISK balanced was increased by around:

1,000M PI and Trade
1,200M Data Cores
500M Missions, Mining & Ratting
1,500M selling of old ships / supplies / surplus stocks

My ISK balance was decreased by:

1,400M Fitted Carrier
2,500M Skill books (Mainly Capital related)
Setting up some 30 odd PVP ships (although almost all cruiser hull size or smaller)

I went from being able to run 3 clients on my PC to 2.  I talked about the disaster that was the Incarna debacle, with many of my posts disbelieving at the attitude and decision making by CCP.  This changed to enthusiasm for the much more positive Crucible expansion.  I wrote 5 EVE blog banters (and am late on the sixth), and mused multiple times over my pet topic – that EVE needs to make it easier or more rewarding for solo and small groups of players live outside of Empire.

At the start of the year I wasn’t ready to give up EVE, but knew I needed focus and goals.  Heading towards 2012 I am looking forward to my somewhat glacial advance through the game continuing.  Thanks to the people who have commented on my blog – your input has been appreciated.  Fly safe.

3 thoughts on “The year that was

  1. Nice summary! Thats also allot of SP on characters there. You be in the 100 M SP club soon. At least the year will finish on a positive note as compared to summer.

    I dread having to write a blog summary for the year.

    • The SP got a boost from sitting with +5 implants in Empire for the first half of the year. I’m back in +3’s for 0.0, so it will slow down again. It was interesting going back through the blog, remembering the low points (such as looking at that static door), and seeing how much better things have got since then. I’m looking forward to seeing where 2012 will lead.

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