As my back continues to slowly improve, I have been finding myself in EVE more and more of late.  The last few days in particular I have been very active.

I glanced down while updating my trade orders recently and noticed I had passed the 1B ISK on my buy orders.  I wondered if I had enough ISK in the Corp wallet to cover the full amount, and found that I did.  It is funny how the process just slowly builds momentum, even when you are not putting in much effort.

I do cringe when I read about the much larger profits other bloggers make with their industrial efforts.  Mine are woefully inadequate in comparison – but then again, so are my efforts.  I am happy enough with how things are plodding along.

The enforced fine tuning of my PI efforts are reaping rewards.  The change to 2 day cycles, updated layouts, and (due to taxes) much more careful selection and balancing of extraction means I am making as much in two days as I was in a week before Crucible.  While I am not working at it religiously every 2 days, and I expect prices to drop, even based on conservative estimates my profits have doubled.  I can even see plenty of opportunities to improve things even further.

Trading turnover continues its slow but steady increase.  My move into larger hulled ships has worked out better than expected.  While volumes are low, the margins are very good.  Flipping several hulls a week at profits between 10 and 40M each starts to add up.

If I maintain this overall effort, it is going to be interesting to see where the Corporation Bank Balance is by the end of 2012.

My T2 experimental production plans are moving along.  The required skills have a bit less than 40 days to go now, while the initial burst of blueprint copying and preparations should all be done in 25 odd days.  There are ingredients I am not familiar with, so I have to go investigate them, and see if I need further BPO’s.

My Xmas gift fuel block BPO’s still have about 26 days to go for their ME research (still queued), then will be swapped to PE.   I have 6+ months’ worth of fuel (small POS) to convert to blocks when those are all done.

Finally I ran across the map to pick up a few surplus ships I had been ignoring for a while now – mostly PVE related, a couple command ships, a couple Eris I used to use for salvaging, even a couple Noctis.  I gave these to Alt 2 to sell.  During my hanger clean up I found a Mining Foreman Mindlink, which I think I got in a mission years ago, which was worth around 10M at the time.  A quick glance at the market shows they are selling for over 500M now, so I decided to cash that one in.  These sales have earnt over 500M so far, with some 700M still to go.  It seemed like a good time to go through the process, since prices on many items have really gone up over the last couple months.  For example I sold a Megathron for 101M, which I purchased a couple months ago for 83M.

4 thoughts on “Carebearing

  1. For the first few months you setup PI there will most usually be a few tweaks here and there you can do to make Improvement on a Planet to the setup. Allot of it takes looking at what you have and seeing how things look on planet/cycles and then make some adjustment. Sometimes its just making small changes. Over time you kinda get it to where you want things and less changes needed other than just moving around extractor heads.

    Curious to hear about the “Experimental T2 Production Plans” at some point.

    Dunno man, i know or hear of some people in the Trade & Industry business who roll in the ISK like there is no tomorrow. Haven’t made it to that level as yet. Must be some other Industry blogger yet there are so few of us as it is curious just who some those people are.

    Cleaning out hanger every now and then to clean up the clutter can be a good thing. Thats been on my To DO LIST.

    • I had written a post late at night about looking to try out T2 invention this year, but not quite finished it. I then made this post, thinking I had already blogged about my plans. I’ll finish the other post in the next week. Nothing exciting, just going to try and build myself a handful of different T2 items to see how the process works.

      Funny enough, when I look at my industrial efforts I chringe at how small they are in comparison to you! You seem to do quite well. I’ve known a couple people in EVE who have earnt large sums of ISK through industry, although when they finally remark on how they were making their money, they have already moved on to the next big thing, leaving the markets flooded by late comers. Usually they end up working hard for it – such as the fellow who ran his own moon mining tower and reactions, or the other one who made a fortune out of T3 cruisers when they were first were released.

      Trading appears to be the area you can profit from the most, with relatively the least amount of effort. The problem is that once a profitable niche becomes known about, it stops being profitable. Even though my efforts are minor, I don’t tend to be all that specific on what I am trading in. Why give myself competition?

  2. Invention is Fun, the T2 Production process after is Fun. It can become tedious over time as well just throwing that in also. As some T2 Inventors seem to get repetitious or carried away maybe and overproduce allot of the very same T2 stuff modules/ammo/ships etc. They get locked into making hundreds if not thousands of the same thing which can become boring and boring to some that do.

    I’ve found variety is the spice of life in just having fun both Inventing and producing a varied variety of things that seem and are profitable as well as usable. The variety of things produce keep things somewhat interesting in trying to figure out why X sells more than Y or why X sells more at this station that Y. It can be all fun but its good to make different things production wise after having invented the T2 BPC. Variety to me works well. I’m not a POS operator so not locked into the mentality of having to maximize POS use and all that production stuff. Have found some ways to adapt in Empire space doing R&D.

    However what i’ve deliberately setup and done over months is systematically Copy lots of various amounts of BPO’s from my asset list and over time I had more Copies of so many various BPO’s they kept backing up and just threw them all into a can container. More like several sets of containers. At one point it was over 3000+ BPC’s of lots of various modules to eventually try and Invent. I still have allot left. But it gave me the option while the Copy Facility is busy copying other BPO I can have the option of deciding what to Invent based on what I have already Copied. Thus being able to Invent lots of different modules/ammo in variety.

    That helped much in not flooding the local market with too much more than the market can absorb while competing with other producers at the same time. Variety! It gives you some advantage in that all your eggs are not stacked betting on any one item you produced to sell. Also being a regional Trader allows me to know what can sell where or where to move something to vs my local region as well. Sometimes its testing theory to find what works here or there.

    T2 can be fun. It can also be tedious. But finding what works for you is what you will have to do. Every thing you do all leads to discovering new things along the way that eventually leads to another thing and then another thing and soon or later you realize you stepping into new markets that you didn’t realize you were heading into. I guess EVE is like that.

    Its also True that most Industry and Trader don’t like to talk about exact details of their business and mostly keep things vague somewhat. Much different as compared to the Pirate who likes to tell you how he killed some shiny ship. Its for the obvious reasons to limit competition and all that and why create unwanted competition as well. Thats also relate to a post i’m working on thats mostly been in my head for a very long time.

    • Interesting overview. I’ve given myself 4 different things to produce in my experiement – each of which my Main would use, so I don’t actually need to make a profit on them. Good idea regards the BPO copying. I used to run a research POS, and have to admit one of the reasons I didn’t start down this path was the expected frustration at waiting for public slots. As long as I keep myself entertained across multiple areas of the game, I hope to alleviate that to some extent.

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