Where are the Carebear blogs?

Ardent Defender raised an interesting question on his blog – why do PVP type blogs dominate the EVE online sphere.


There were plenty of interesting comments, including a number from well-known bloggers. They boiled down to:

. Carebearing as a topic was somewhat limited, so don’t tend to last as long

. Carebears were less likely to have interesting drama to discuss

. Carebears did not like giving intel to their competitors or griefers

While there are always exceptions to the rule, I think that covers the basics.

Some of the comments also alluded towards the fact that Carebears, by the nature of how they play and what they do, are boring.  That elicited a chuckle.

I hadn’t noticed the disparate spread of EVE blogs before, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it is there. Most of the blogs I follow tend to be Carebear in nature.  I find I relate to the subject matter and the views of the writers, and can often find useful tips and ideas on what I might try.  Most of these seem to have been around for a while.

It did get me thinking – why are these blogs apparently bucking the trend?  They follow some of the traits outlined in the comments, being vague about the exact specifics of what they do, or where they are operating from, and discussing avoiding PVP over seeking it out.

The answer seems obvious.  First, they have an agreeable writing style.  Second – they don’t just talk about the mechanics of what they are doing in game.  They discuss the politics, interactions with other players, upcoming features, their plans and experiments, CCP’s latest dramas, old and new rules, and so on and so forth.  Basically the same sort of things that the good PVP blogs tend to do.


(This is obviously a Carebear’s blog. I feel I cheat however – I write it for myself, and base its success on how well it keeps me focused on and enjoying the game. The fact people write interesting comments on it every so often is just an unintended benefit.)

(This is an updated version of this post.  I wasn’t entirely happy with the first attempt.)

One thought on “Where are the Carebear blogs?

  1. As for being interesting as a carebear, I have gotten a lot of “oh wow” comments when writing about the depth there is to production, the market, and other aspects of the game that are not always grasped by people who do not play. That has actually done a lot towards getting people to try the game.

    And a lot of my favorite EVE posts have been about how to do a given thing, like scanning and exploration.

    I think a lot of the carebears, also end up playing and writing about other games. So while I was writing a lot about invention and production two years ago, there was a long lapse where I only noted high level happenings in the EVE and wrote about LOTRO, WoW, and EQII for the most part. Am I still an EVE blogger when I am not writing about EVE?

    And it is the nature of blogs that it can be hard to find ones in the niche you are seeking as there are millions of them out there, and of the ones you do find, some go dormant for stretches, or stop altogether, or get deleted or otherwise disappear. Who knows how many carebear EVE blogs there really are out there.

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