Updates expected in Tranquility by the end of January

After a quiet period over Christmas, CCP have released new dev blogs discussing some of the updates expected to be live in Tranquility towards the end of the month:

These include updates to the Neocom:



And more of Team BFF’s excellent little tweaks and polish:



I must admit the Neocom changes don’t look that interesting, although being able to customise what is shown will probably be worthwhile.  Team BFF though is giving us some great little game tweaks.  I will certainly make use of the filter box on the training queue.  Watch lists increased to 15, and now supporting drag and drop is nice.  The compact chat member list options are excellent – especially when displaying local in 0.0.

I have had a quiet few days as far as EVE is concerned, only logged in to change skills and have missed a cycle or two of PI and trading.  The consequence of having to go back to work, and suffering from more wife and child agro than normal.

The clean out sale has completed.  I sold the Mining Foreman Mindlink for 545M.  I checked the Jita price afterwards and found they were going for around 490M, so that was a reasonable price.  After the EOS sold the total proceeds were just over 1.6B ISK.  Funny how much expensive junk you accumulate over time.

My Main is a couple days off Fighters IV.  His Capital related skill queue is down to a manageable 138 days now.  Alt 1 has less than a day to get Heavy Assault Missiles V.  He has about 36 days to cover off the remainder of the skills required to fully T2 fit the medium gun/turret options used by Minmatar.  Alt 2 has picked up Engineering V, and is working on Mechanics V now – prerequisite skills for what she needs for invention.

I will have to try and spend a bit of time in EVE later today.