The missed T2 Invention Post

In the last days of 2011 I decided I would bite the bullet and try my hand at T2 Invention and building.  These first steps are not aimed at profitability – but just to understand and try out the game mechanic.

I arbitrarily decided try to build T2 Small Tractor Beams, Caldari Interceptors and Amarr Assault Frigates – simply as I knew my main could make use of them, regardless how much they cost me to make.

While my main has many of the required skills already – I decided to concentrate my efforts around Alt 2 – my Empire Industry Toon.

Continuing my laissez-faire approach, I didn’t start by doing any reading.  I just looked at the BPO for Small Tractor Beams, Condors and Punishers, clicked on the Invention Tab, and set up an EVEMon skill plan based on what I was missing.


The primary hits were Science V, Engineering V and Mechanics V.  I then had Amarr and Caldari Encryption Methods, Amarrian and Caldari Startship Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, High Energy Physics and Laser Physics to get.  The skill plan was some 45 days, just arbitrarily selecting rank IV in all of those as I had memories that it impacts your invention chances.   (It does.)  I had a couple of these skill books lying around, but had to buy most of them off the market.  This cost 52M ISK.

I knew you needed BPC to invent off, so I moved the 3 BPO to a public science station and kicked off copy jobs.  Again I had vague memories that max run copies might impact the number of runs an invented T2 BPC would have – so that is what I did.  (It does and it doesn’t.  It impacts invention of modules and ammo, but not the Frigate copies I was making.)

So far in the process I have trained Science V and Engineering V, and Mechanics V finishes within the day.  The Encryption method skills are at rank II, as are High Energy Physics and Laser Physics.  I have 20 max run Small Tractor Beam BPC, and in a fortnight will have the Condor and Punisher copies (13 of each).

Meanwhile I also picked up a 5 run, 20ME, 0PE BPC for a Buzzard for a couple Mil.  Interestingly, and if I read things right, that would have had to of come from a Buzzard BPO.  To build those I will need Electronic Engineering – so that has been added to my skill queue, and I will have to spend another 10M for the book.

Finally – a little late in the process, I read this:


So things have started off ok – with the only wasted effort so far being on copying max run Frigate BPCs.  I will get the various skills to rank IV before I try my first invention.

Next I need to look at the ingredients used in invention, see what I have collected by chance over time, and start filling in the gaps.  I might as well organise whatever I am missing from the 12 data interfaces.  I can see either spread sheets in my near future, or using some of the invention tools to work out where decryptor’s are best used, and where they are not.  The items I am starting with don’t have meta variations, so that doesn’t come into the equation.

Inventing these is actually going to be the easy part (relatively speaking).  The manufacturing is going to require even more planning on how best to either build or source the ingredients.  I can see this is going to keep me busy for quite a while.