When Carebears don’t die

The Alliance is under its first War Dec in a while.  It was foreseen, and related to an obvious bait POS in the Corporation’s Wormhole.  The trap was sprung deliberately for the amusement and experience, but nothing much has come from it yet.

It has had one useful side effect.  One of the recent starters – who joined full of bluster and hyperactivity, lamely smacked some of the War Targets and then boasted about it on the forums.  When it was pointed out to him that the Corp has a no smack policy, he called us hypocrites for pointing out his mistake, and rage quit. 

Our Corporation Empire dwellers have quietly gone to ground, and the Alliance Killboard shows little evidence of silly losses – so it is nice to see that even a relaxed Carebear Alliance can be relatively professional about how they play the game.

I’ve been down in 0.0 for some weeks, but not actually achieving anything.  With school holidays on, and a two year old possessed with a level of vengeful malice, I can’t string 30 minutes together without being interrupted by tantrums or tears.  And that is just my wife trying to cope, let alone what the kids are getting up to.

There was some recent Intel that there would be a concerted effort to remove us from our NPC 0.0 home.  The inference is that we don’t deserve to be there.  Interestingly you would think if you were PVP focused, that you would like a large bunch of Red Carebears living in your midst.  I suspect the Alliance don’t offer up quite enough easy kills, and hassle and kill too many of them.  It is funny how when it comes down to it, some PVP focused groups really only want easy fights.  Given it is NPC 0.0; it just comes down to perseverance more than anything. 

I sometimes question why I bother – but I keep a forlorn hope that the stars might align in real life, and I get to do more than just observe the drama while cloaked on the sidelines.

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