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The latest Crucible 1.1 update appeared to conflict with my system. It caused sound, graphic and performance stuttering, which can make the game unplayable. Only so many times you can listen to “Warp Dri dri dri dri dri dri dri ve active”, and the annoying background of crackling and popping noises coming through the speakers.

It was worse if I ran two clients, or in fact did any multitasking that involved graphics or sound. It seemed to break something – the system can be fine for 6 hours, I start up EVE for the first time, get the issue after 10 minutes, log off, and the media stuttering remains. I ended up have to reboot after almost every time I played.

Funny enough this is not the first time EVE updates have caused this exact same consequence. I’m hoping 1.1.1 might have fixed something (since I haven’t had an issue with on client logged in for the last 30 minutes).  I will blow the dust out of the system tomorrow, just in case it is overheating something, update the drivers, and hope the last patch, or a soon to be released patch fixes it.  In the meanwhile, game time might be limted.