Invention 06 and Wormhole Suicide Preparations 04

As you might be able to tell, I actually got to spend a few hours in EVE on the weekend.

My first batch of 10 T2 Tractor Beams have come out of the oven. I did not rush them to the nearest trade hub for sale, but instead am selling them locally where the margins are a fair bit higher. The next batch is in the oven, but I need to source some Morphite before I do more.

So far I’ve run 12 invention jobs with 8 successes. The next 2 jobs are running now.

I had been wondering on how you select your invention target for BPO’s which have multiple choices – but as soon as you run your first job the method is obvious.  You just pick the Output Type.

I have been musing over the fact that I won’t be able to turn over things quick enough with just the one Toon. I will probably train my PI alt up to be able to do the copy jobs. I’ve also noticed the margin on selling T2 BPC’s can be quite good, so that is another option for profit.  Funny how these things just keep growing…

I haven’t forgotten my Wormhole suicide plans. I picked up a somewhat cheap Loki on Contract. I need to swap some of the fittings around, but it should save me about 50M on the final setup. My only cheap clones (with +3’s) were already in 0.0, so I bundled the Loki into my carrier, and jumped it and my cheapest clone back to Empire. Now I need to decide on how I am going to set it up, and then collect the required parts. I’ll start the journey off in Empire or Low Sec.

My carrier jump was slightly more eventful than planned. Even though I have used that Cyno spot successfully over a dozen times, I landed 5km off the station. I had to quickly calculate which would be faster – warp away and back again, or slow boat it. Slow boat won – but it seemed to take forever to dock.

I suspect my T3 suicide might annoy people. There have apparently been a couple (mild) comments on the Alliance killboard recently about a number of expensive Corp losses. While in reality the Alliance is pretty chilled about such things, there are still a few people who keep an eye on the losses.

The War Dec was finished with barely a loss and no fights to speak off. The aggressors were a recognisable and skilled group, so I had expected more.

Regardless, both these projects are keeping me busy in game.

2 thoughts on “Invention 06 and Wormhole Suicide Preparations 04

  1. Margins are usually higher when “not” selling in a major Trade hub and its for a good reason……..its Ultra Competitive to sell in a major Trade Hub selling T2 items. Its worst that Ultra Competitive its downright Ruthless selling T2 in a major Hub. Unless your trying to sell at Buy Orders or bottom low profit prices where you barely make a profit its Ruthless there. The advantage is that in a Major Trade hub you sell often at lower price as the price is in constant flux by Day Traders but the volume in the trade hub moves faster as well for turnover vs local region.

    In local region the prices are usually higher because market is not in same state of flux as a Major Trade hub is with full time Day Traders who are also trading everything including T2 the same stuff your selling from their buy orders. Local region sales is also much slower thus prices are also higher to compensate for the slow turnover somewhat.

    • You certainly don’t want to put all your eggs in the one basket when trading. There are some areas I have simply pulled my stock from and re-check once a month or so, waiting for the margins to return to acceptable levels. I did like your last blog post about chasing profits in the slow lane. I do that, but in much, much smaller volume, and travelling much shorter distances!

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