Invention 07


The first round of invention attempts for T2 Small Tractor beams has finished. I had 21 attempts for 15 successes, which was better than expected.

As I remarked in a comment, I am not looking to get into this in any volume. I will only be drip feeding items onto the market. I plan on selling them in blocks of 10, with 10 more kept in stock. As each block sells, I’ll replace them and then manufacture another 10. If prices drop below an acceptable margin, I won’t manufacture more until that equation changes. I won’t do more invention attempts for this module until I have almost used up the current BPCs.

Basically all the industry stuff I do on my Alts is just for interest sake, and to, through a mix of sources, end up turning over a useful profit. I don’t plan on making the effort to make billions off T2 Small Tractor Beams alone.

I have sold 3 so far – at a profit of 1.85M on each. Someone else came in and dropped the prices by 1M – so future sales should be towards the margin’s I was originally working off.

So what’s next? I am about 10 days off finishing the skills for my next invention attempts – these for Caldari Interceptors. After that will be Amarr Assault Frigates. After that I will pick something else – until I end up with a large portfolio of things I can build. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have covered my setup costs and be adding to the Corporate Wallet.

The Material Research is finishing up on my Fuel Block BPO’s, and being switched over to Time Efficiency. I picked a level of 40 for these for no other reason than that they match the perfect ME. Sometimes that is as much thought as I am willing to put into things. That will take four odd days for each.

I still can’t use two EVE clients at the same time on this system. Well – I can, but I have to close down everything else, and kill off a few services. If I don’t, Window’s crawls quickly to a halt while giving me memory warnings and asking me to kill the EVE clients. Overall the system is still reporting 300MB or so of RAM being available, and the client size isn’t that much larger than before – so I expect this resource conflict must be on some other memory buffer. Annoying, as it impacts how I play the game.

One thought on “Invention 07

  1. “Someone else came in and dropped the prices by 1M”
    Yeah some days it can be like that.

    Building up a portfolio of various things invented and to build works really well to not have all eggs in one basket sector.

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