Wormhole Suicide Preparations 06

I tested the last version of my Wormhole Loki out against my alt. The added DPS worked much better. I had some concerns about how it would go against someone kiting out at around 20km, so put it up against an interceptor. It required manual flying, but I could either get out of disruptor range or do enough damage to have options to escape. I’m happy enough with the fit, so filled the hold with Ammo and Nanite Paste, ready to go.

The last step is to get familiar with scanning again. I watched three tutorials on YouTube to refresh my memory, and undocked to practise in Empire. I placed a single probe set at 32AU at the sun, and found two targets, one at 0.02%, and one at 2%. Concentrating on the harder one, I was quickly able to get it down to within a 4AU area with the single probe. I launched more probes and set them at 8AU, overlapping the initial probe area. I hit scan and found nothing. Disabled the newer probes, and the single probe got a hit again. How does that work?

I went back using 7 probes in the standard 3D cross pattern (left, right, forward, backwards, up, down and centre) and started at 32AU, and worked down one step at a time. At some point I would lose touch with the target. I would disable all but the centre probe; increase its range by one, then hit scan. The target would come up. I would turn on the other probes, increase their range, adjust their position and hit scan, and the target would disappear. So I could hit it with one probe, but not more.

Now it has been a while since I have done scanning – but I am not a complete newbie at it. I spent a couple months living out of a POS doing sites in low sec. While not especially quick at it, I understand the basic concept. I’m not sure if my skills are just not higher enough for these sites, or if I am messing up in the process. (The sensor strength of the probe is 109, against what I was using in Low Sec a couple years ago at 104.) When the frustration level has abated, I’ll try again.

On more pleasant news – after the last patch update I have been able to run 2 clients on my system again. It seems to be back operating as it was before Crucible 1.1. Thank god.

I was going to post some links to recent DEV blogs, but they are all coming up blank at the moment. Maybe next time.


** Edit – After Bel Amar’s tip regards the filtering options, it took me less than 5 minutes to find one of the above targets, a Gravimetric Site.  The process is suddenly a whole lot easier…

2 thoughts on “Wormhole Suicide Preparations 06

  1. It’s your filters. One probe, strength is weak, sig type is unidentified, and thus not filtered. Several probes, sig strength is high enough to identify type. If said type is filtered out, it just disappears without warning.

    • Oh ffs. My “Anomaly and Signatures” filter was missing all the signatures. I didn’t think to check – but I remember the functionality has been updated since I last tried scanning.

      Thank you – appreciated.

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