Invention 08

I am rather thankful for the comment on my last post, explaining why I couldn’t pin point signatures while scanning. With my filters fixed, I was able to find sites within 3 or 4 minutes effort. That makes the concept of moving through wormholes a lot more palatable.

I even managed a quick trial run into my first wormhole with the Loki. (J171813 for the record.) There were 4 POS anchored from at least two different corps, but the hole was empty and quiet. I practiced my DScan skills to identify the location of each of the POS (rusty, but kind of workable), noted they had their own POCO, then slipping quietly back into Empire Space.

I shall be starting my journey soon – although won’t be reporting on it in real time.

I’m still waiting on skill training to complete before I can start the next phase of the T2 invention plans. I do however have the Buzzard BPC to use, so I have been preparing for that. The ingredient list includes 7 manufactured goods that are created from advanced moon materials. I did the calculations, and it is around 10% cheaper if you buy the moon material and build these items yourself. (Even with ME0 BPO.) Since they account for 91% of the build cost, this saving works out to be worthwhile.

I purchased 25M worth of related BPO and some 40M worth of skill books to allow me to build these. (It has added a bit under 3 days to my training queue.) I also picked up some 120M worth of reacted moon goo, grabbed from around the Domain region at prices near or under Jita’s. This is almost 3 times more than was needed for the 5 run Buzzard BPC, but I wanted to stockpile some. I then ran them through this useful site:

… to calculate the perfect ME (1 to 8) and balanced PE (2 to 4) that I will have to research the BPO to at some point in the future.

The spreadsheet for this T2 stuff has already become somewhat unwieldy. I am glad I have just been investigating this in small chunks. I suspect if I had of tried to cover all this off in one sitting that I might have given it away as a bad joke. So far my total expenditure on the T2 Invention / Manufacturing process has been over 500M. Earnings so far have been around 20M. That sounds bad, but the risks are not that awful. I can re-sell the majority of the things I have purchased, so the only real cost so far have been the Skill books and time. Once I can manufacture the Buzzards (in around 4 or 5 days at a guess), the profits on the 5 should total more than 50M, which is nothing to be sneezed at.

2 thoughts on “Invention 08

  1. A bit of investment needed for Invention Production in Components. Having the entire set researched works to your advantage or to one doing serious amount of Invention Production.

    The Components are always cheaper if made your self! They will always be more expensive on the market. T2 Moon prices fluctuate very widely at times depending on the material. So it’s just best to buy what you need and make the necessary Component for making the end production. Over time the price can average out on making the Components. But the T2 Moon prices are always in Flux up and down. So can be best to buy as needed and price end product as built. Prices can change in a few days and now cost different to build Components.

    However can sometime be somewhat profitable to sell some Components if you clearly know which one makes money as few people ever build them to sell. The sell very slowly on the regional markets. But someone in a hurry to build something and can’t wait days or lots of hours to Manuf Components can be your source of some profits when they buy up several hundred or over a thousand Components. Can be profitable but also slow to sell at a profitable price. Not a sub sector of Production related to Invention I like to ever talk about as my rule is the less people messing around in that sector on the regional market the better it is and the more stable what’s on the market stays. As the market can be quite fickle if one person decides not to play along and takes along time to recover without suffering heavy losses on manufactured materials from Moon Materials. I once sat on about 700M in manufactured Moon Material Components that took about 7 months to sell as someone crashed the market under me and I refuse to suffer a massive loss to lower my price on over priced Components; all due to buying a bulk load of S.Fibers that crashed in price in Jita after I bought it and just wouldn’t sell regionally at a fair price to make a profit or accept a massive loss. So I figured I’ll roll it all into components ready to go and sell the raw materials as that. Took forever to sell as well selling a massive amount regionally. In the end I just had to ignore it was even on the market the components.

    Some long time later someone came thru at my station and bought up most of it and it all sold off soon after. Indeed at this point I recovered at what would previously a loss if I had originally sold the S.Fibers at a loss along with going more in debth to buy more moon material to make it all inti components. I was down almost a Billion all in all in that fumble. But I learned quite allot in the process and having patience.

    In the end all the Components sold which covered the original problem of buying S.Fibers before it heavily crashed in price.

    So in the end what really did change as to why the Components all finally sold months later? The market price had now recovered from the crash that was months back in Jita and regionally as well. The Material prices wad now way up in price and the Components that was on the market all of a sudden to someone else very cheap it seem compared to current price at the time. It sold all of it, make even a modest good profit bit it took allot of Patience!

    Learned quite allot, never wrote about it either. But I was able to later profit again from what I learned and never wrote about it either. Some things you learn the hard way and never talking about it protect the secrets you learned ad well.

    A bit of a long story on Components but it’s how I stumbled onto it from initially just doing Invention. Often I find everytime as a industrialist you try something new you sit back sometime and in the process stumble onto new ways of making a profit all by accident of just doing something different or new. I guess EVE is like that.

    Hope this comes out fine, had to write it all on tiny IPhone.

    • As always, appreciate your in-depth feedback. I had already noticed missing T2 manufacturing supplies in my local region, and have made small profits on offering convenience supplies of some of the more obvious ones, starting with Morphite. I won’t have enough trading slots free however to really focus on that area. Funny how often my trading selections come down to things I was originally looking for myself.

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