Carebear Hat

I completed my first full PI run in a number of weeks. There hasn’t been much urgency given sales have been almost non-existent for over a month now. I’ve already re-tooled some of my planets for T2 manufacturing ingredients. When I have the inclination I will have to check prices in the trade hubs – I might have to change what I am producing for profit.

I’ve finished the research of my Fuel block BPO’s. I’ve begun the conversion of my POS fuel stockpiles, but need to source some extra Heavy Water and Coolant.

Trading volumes seem very subdued at the moment. This was made worse by new entrants to the 0.01 ISK buy battles in some of the areas I operate. After a couple of weeks however they seem to have moved on. A common occurrence actually – not many preserve with the low volumes.

My training for Caldari Interceptor Invention finally finished yesterday. I’ve put my first half dozen attempts in the lab. I had not realised they would take a day each. I should see the results in a few hours’ time. I am now working on the skills to manufacture the components for those Buzzards. I assume the Crow will require similar extra training to produce.

Even though things are obviously quiet from an Industry point of view, there are still more pilots around my local area than before Crucible. The game itself seems busier,which is good to see.

The Loki Suicide is still on the cards. I made an attempt to get myself lost the other day and undocked the ship. I quickly scanned down a wormhole in my home system and warp cloaked to it at 10km. Unfortunately there was a Cormorant sitting at the entrance. A check of the pilot shows they were from a 400 man Alliance who lives out of a wormhole. Not a great idea to jump through under the eyes of a scout.

I moved to the next system over, but found probes out already. Move to the next system over. No wormholes but a couple of sites which offer the possibility of faction drops and escalations. I swapped into the Retribution and quickly run them, just getting some faction tag and ammo loot.

The business of getting lost is taking it’s time.

Meanwhile a friend who has been unsubscribed for a year has decided to remove their EVE client and stop playing forever more. They basically originally gave up after being suicide ganked – carrying T2 invention supplies on autopilot. They used the free time CCP offered up on occasion, but usually complained about some minor annoyance or another and soon stopped logging in. He was the sort of player who stubbornly wanted to play EVE his way – and had a string of losses on his killboard because of it.

I was thinking a safe Empire might have left him playing for a few more years – but then the reality of that hit me. In such a cocoon, he would generate next to no content or value to the overall game environment. The issue isn’t that EVE needed to be changed to suit him, but that he wasn’t really suited to the game.

I guess unsurprisingly, for someone who was generally focused on themselves in the game, he didn’t think to offer me all his stuff!

2 thoughts on “Carebear Hat

  1. This is what I’m tryin to say!! EVE aint broke, it doesn’t need to be fixed…. “EVE is UNSAFE at any speed” and NEEDS to remain that way. Like RL, EVE weeds out those who (for whatever reason) can’t make it here.

    Kudos… and hope you die in a wonderfully horrible fire after many many trasits through W-space… I hope one day to emulate (better than never) your quest… =]

  2. Agree that EVE eventually weeds out those who for whatever reason can’t make it in the Universe of New Eden.

    I’m not sure if it says so anywhere or can’t remember but should say on EVE website or to new recruits to New Eden even by their Tutorial Agents that this is a unsafe universe no matter where you are in it.

    Not into Ship Combat PVP however I fully endorse anyone carrying highly valuable cargo or blueprints or Plex like that “On Auto Pilot” in slow mode as well sitting on a gate afk with such valuables to be fully “ganked”. It’s good for the cycles of things to erase such carelessness. And since they will have to replace stuff after loosing it the market benefits as well the producer from the repeated cycle of things. That’s why EVE works in the end to maintain the repeated cycle if things.

    It’s not always good to loose players in a game that need them, yet EVE aren’t for everyone either.

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