Harder to get stuck in the hole than expected


So let’s try again. I undock in the Loki and check the local system. There are 6 signatures to scan down, which takes a bit over 15 minutes. It was good practise.

There are 2 Radar, 1 Mag, 1 Grav, 1 Combat and 1 Wormhole. I grab the Retribution to run some of them for the amusement value. I clear one Radar and notice probes on scan. I move to the second Radar site, and half way through have a Heron and a Drake warp in.

I’d have assumed the polite thing would have been for them to warp away since someone had beaten them too it, but instead they start shooting at the rats. I make a point of burning over to the last can and scan / open it before they could approach. I wonder if that is the norm now. When last I was into scanning people would generally not crash the sites you were already in.

I then do the combat site, ignore the Mag (since I didn’t have the appropriate module nearby), and finally grab the Loki and head for the wormhole. A641 – what does that mean? I look it up and find it leads to Hi-Sec… Damn, it just isn’t my day. Oh well, I jump through and start my Journey.

I’m in a backwater in Metropolis. Nice Nebula. There are 5 Sites in this system, 3 to scan down. It takes me 10 minutes as I am distracted by the kids. I find a hidden belt, the wormhole I came though, and a combat site.

I move into the next system and find 9 sites, with only 1 to scan. There are more distractions from the family, but 5 minutes later I have another wormhole. It is labeled K162 – so now I can finally start my journey.

I check local, but there are only two toons, neither with reference to wormholes in their Corp or Alliance Bios. One of them is mining. I jump through and find myself in wormhole space.

There is nothing on scan, so I bookmark the entrance and warp off. A quick check of the POCO in the hole show that 5 are owned by the same Corp. Interestingly enough, one of the pilots I checked in Hi Sec was also in the same Corp. I watch the wormhole bookmark on a 5% d-scan, and sure enough within a couple minutes a broadsword, two hurricanes and a drake show up on it.

It is not a big Corp or Alliance, but 4 or 5 active pilots is too much for the Loki, so I leave them to it and go looking for their POS. It is a big system, and unsurprisingly I find the POS on Moon 4 on the outer most Planet. There are bubbles on scan, so I don’t warp directly to the POS from the planet, or moon 3 or 5. Instead I make a safe between two other moons and try to warp to it out of any celestial alignment. Either I was unlucky, or didn’t get my angles right, because I landed in one of the bubbles. I slow boat out while cloaked, and set up a bookmark 300km off.

The entrance was still being camped, so I dropped probes more than 15AU from the pilots and checked what else was in the system. I had read about scanning a system while keeping your probes out of d-scan range of a location, which seemed to work. (I kept my own d-scan cycling 2AU off the camp, to ensure I couldn’t see my own probes)

There were two unknown sites in the hole, 1 obviously the entrance I came through. I moved the probes carefully around the outskirts of the system, but the second unknown site was within 15AU of the first, so I couldn’t scan for it without alerting the other pilots. I recalled my probes and waited.

Meanwhile the camp kept dropping and gaining one member. I had at first thought they might have been warping around to check for probes in the system, but the more obvious cause was soon apparent – they closed the hole. Then probes were out on scan, followed shortly later by a couple anchored bubbles and the same ships all together on d-scan in a different location. My guess was that they were camping the new entrance.

I was in no rush, so I waited. They were rather persistent, so I assume their scout saw I was in a loki, had added me to their contact list, so knew I had not logged off. Patience would be required.

I logged on my alt and did some industry stuff. I found I had only 1 success from 5 attempts at inventing the crow BPC. Not a good start. I went and had tea. I watched the cricket on TV. Every so often I would hit scan and see them still about. Finally after a couple hours they dropped off scan, and I watched at least 1 log off within their POS shields. I gave it more time, before scanning down the only unknown site, and exiting via a N110 – back to Empire.

I just can’t seem to get lost in wormholes! Now I am out in the Citadel. I moved a few systems and docked up. I’ll go back another day.

It was a learning experience:

. Two out of three wormholes I have found so far had scouts on the Hi-Sec side

. POCO’s are the first thing to check on overview to get an idea of who you might be dealing with

. My probing and D-Scan skills are adequate enough so far

. My reading and research into the mechanics used in wormholes has been worthwhile. I felt I had a reasonable understanding of what was happening around me, and what I should be doing

. You need to be on the ball with managing your bookmarks and contact lists

. Patience will be required

So was this actually fun? Kind of, sort of, partially.

4 thoughts on “Harder to get stuck in the hole than expected

  1. Ahhh… the Hole ‘O da Worm… my favorite space. I don’t know if you perused my blog but my copr have been living on a C2 for 8 months and spent the 2, 3 months prior to that learning the ropes in a C1 our Allaice ran. You did it right. Probes, Dscan & BM’s and are cloakies and tactics are life and the tools of the trade in W-space.

    As my corp is currently vacationing in null, I will folow with some envy, your exploits. =]

    • I had already bookmarked your blog, and read the last half dozen posts (with plans to keep reading). It provided the obvious reminder that the deeper you go, generally the more skilled and organised you are going to find the inhabitance. Taking that onboard I plan to stick to C1 / C2’s initially until I become more familiar and comfort with the environment. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Oh crap… please accept my apologies at my atrocious spelling. I really am an intelligent well read person with a good command of language, just can’t type for crap. =]

    Yes, beware of C4 and higher holes but, of course, all W-space is -1.0, and off CONCORDS radar, and as such is the deadliest space in EVE. May I ask, I saw the pic of your Loki, are you fit with the Interdict Nulla? I have lost a Cheetah to warp bubbles and ABs before.

    Again, GL!

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