Recent Dev Blogs

Over the last month, CCP has continued their relatively good work. The somewhat confusing EVE Online website has been rebuilt and restructured.

The main portal is now targeted towards new players –


It doesn’t quite hit the mark for me, but is certainly a great improvement.

For existing players, we now have a community portal –


Again this is easier to navigate than the old – particularly with the useful drop down menu in the top right of the pages.


I might have missed it, but I didn’t notice a link to the eveisreal website. I’d have thought they might direct possible new players in that direction, to see what current subscribers are able to create in the game.

There have been a few new Dev Blogs related to the CSM, which I am ignoring somewhat. This election seems a little more heated and personal, and not particularly enjoyable to read about.


CCP Diagoras continues providing interesting EVE statistics –


There was also a Dev Blog with graphs on the impact of Time Dilation. I have not experienced it myself, but almost everything I have read on it by players has been positive towards it (once they understand and get used to it. The only provisos I have noticed is that off reinforced nodes, the response has been a little less positive.


Crucible 1.2 was released with (so far) relatively few complaints. I was somewhat surprised, given it was focused on UI optimisations, an area CCP has messed up plenty of times previously.

The most obvious thing about this update is that the overview font is now smaller. I let out a small cheer when I realised, I reduced the amount of screen real estate it required. I don’t know if it is related, but the Corporate Hanger and Asset windows also seem to be quicker. I hope that is the case.


Last of all on this light weight post, I made a small adjustment to how I stack some of my windows after seeing it done on an EVE related Youtube video.

I now anchor the Asset, Corporation, Wallet, Science, Contract etc windows together at the top of the screen, and minimise / restore using the standard double click on the header method.



This was prompted by how the new neocomm handles minimised windows, which makes it hard to keep track of what windows you have open.

A screen capture from my alt is shown below


I used to do that for chat channels, but not for most of the others windows. Not sure why I haven’t done this earlier, it works quite well.

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