Invention 10 and back visiting NPC 0.0


The price of Phenolic Composites was being manipulated in Amarr, so I flew an extra 20 jump round trip to buy them at more normal rates. From a time perspective I lost money doing this – but I just didn’t feel like feeding their excessive profits.


I cooked up the last of the required ingredients for the Buzzard Production, and gathered enough to do my first Crow. These are now in the oven, and should reach the market on Wednesday.


After a slight mess up on my skill selection, I still have 3 days to go before I can attempt to invent the Retribution Assault Frigate.

Next on my to-do list is to ensure I have the ingredients required to build some more of those Crows. I am also fast approaching the point where I will have achieved my initial T2 manufacturing goals – so will have to think about what to work towards next.

I am down in NPC 0.0 Space again – at the request of the Corporation.

I don’t find I actually achieve much when I am there – and have felt less inclined to visit than I thought I would.

Certainly the main issue remains the constant interruptions I face from real life when trying to play. I also seem to straddle active time zones, so when I am active not much is going on. But there is a little more to it than that – it just isn’t what I had expected.

I had assumed it would be a little more chaotic, with more opportunities for solo PVP. In our area it is instead relatively stable. Small to medium alliances hold sway over groups of systems, with allies and shared Intel channels. Intermingled across the area is a patchwork of reds. There are just not that many neutrals – and most people moving around solo are scouts or bait for much bigger groups, or of course the obligatory Cyno ships for hot droppers.

There are landscape changes – people come and go. It is just not as sharp and defining as it is in Sov 0.0. If things get too difficult, people just move quietly to some place nicer. There just seems to be less consequence to it all.

2 thoughts on “Invention 10 and back visiting NPC 0.0

    • Hey Alex, sorry to take so long to approve and reply to this comment. I don’t generally convo people in game anymore, unless they have a blog or comment here more than once. While I am not particularly concerned that people know who I am in game (particularly since leaving my last player corp) – I have found when I do contact people in game as requested they don’t bother to reply, or say something inane and then go quiet.

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