Still in NPC 0.0, still deathly quiet.

To keep myself amused, I put my Alt cloaked in an Arazu on one side of a Gate, and cloaked my main in a Sabre on the other side. The Intel channels were quiet, but I figured you never know your luck.

After a while my two year old ramped up into a major tantrum, and I had to walk away from the computer to help my wife. Returning 15 minutes later I caught sight of a neutral in a Cormorant, just about to jump into the Sabre’s system. I rushed to uncloak the Sabre, warp to the gate, and bubble – but he warped out a millisecond before the bubble went up.

Yep – should have known my luck.

Unlike Sov 0.0 in some regards, you do actually need to maintain a fairly consistent and partially effective presence in your home area in NPC 0.0. It is in this regard that there have been unofficial rumblings and demands from within the Alliance for more pilots to get out of Empire. As I have mentioned, my Corp has a philosophy of RL > EVE, and maximum variety. The Alliance also follows RL > EVE.

So how do you herd your members into a certain area of the game, even though they joined with the assumption there would be no such demands? As you can expect, a number take the age old approach of snide remarks on the killboard, frustrated hissy fits in Alliance Chat, and irritated criticisms posted on the forums.

The management however takes a more reasonable approach. They are advertising the fact they would prefer people to get down there as often as possible, and try to make it as easy, cheap and safe to do so. They offer scouting in, cloning services, cheap transportation of assets and ships, and local fitted ships on Corp and Alliance contracts. Once down there, there are frequently organised camps and roams.

It isn’t a bad sort of approach, and credit to them. It is just a pity that my most active play times – when I don’t have constant real life interruptions, are deathly, deathly quiet here.


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