CCP knows how to find drama

A summation of the Crucible 1.5 features (currently scheduled to be released on the 13th) are available here:

Good to see more DED complexes with new loot. I might have to do some more Exploration after it is released to check them out. The additional information in the Route Tab sounds interesting. I also love the concept of having color coding on market orders – to see if they are along your current route. Useful when you are on your way to Jita, but checking the regional markets for similar prices as you travel. The “Shift Drag” option for placing a Blueprint into the quick bar to get a neat list of ingredients is also very nice. It all seems to be a continuation of the Crucible theme and feel.

Next there was a very big Dev Blog on ship rebalancing:

This one could be interesting. I can see the logic in racial Destroyer and Battlecruiser skills. I can also see the logic in removing the tier system, and replacing it with a role classification. Some of the skill requirement changes might also work ok – such as dropping the requirement for the Covertor to rank IV. I don’t really like the idea of reducing the racial Capital perquisite to Battleship IV – but having more badly fitted and flown Capitals on the kill boards is probably a good thing in the end.

I do hope though the process doesn’t hit some of the more unique hulls – such as my favourite hauler, the Exequror cruiser. I also hope CCP improves on its math’s – when it indicated a racial Battleship would take “a bit longer” to train, I was assuming 5 to 15% longer, not 88% more. (That is more than a “bit” CCP Ytterbium)

But then I had to face the issue that was worrying away at the back of my mind. I have rank V in all racial hulls from Frigates to Battleships, plus in Destroyers and Battlecruisers. This change, on initial view, would see me lose the ability to fly 75% of the Command ships and interdictors I can fly now. Finding myself having to train the next 4 to 5 months just to get back to the same position would be infuriating.

So it was off to the forums – where the feedback thread was 40 pages long and growing rapidly.

What I did find was multiple comments from CCP that if people can fly the ship before any changes, that they will be able to fly them afterwards. Given the training costs for the extra racial hull skills are the same as the old generic skills; that would suggest the possibility of a whole heap of extra SP. Maybe if you don’t have them, queue up Destroyer and Battlecruiser V immediately.

So – assuming I don’t have to spend time training ships I already can fly, the general idea of these changes is good.

Last of all, Jester’s Trek Blog has a couple of interesting posts recently. The most recent is a continuation of his review of the EVE average log on counts, which is well worth a read:

Previous to that was a less than positive review of the Eve – CSM match website.

Funny enough I had already tried that site out (having used it last year also), but while I am full of praise for the idea and effort, the results in practise were next to pointless.

Speaking of pointless – I am quickly heading towards the decision of not bothering to vote for this years CSM. I’ve read the starting post of about a third of the independent’s CSM threads, and come away disillusioned by the lack of platforms or an overview of goals. There were just too many iterations of “Hi, I’ve been playing EVE for x number of years, and am familiar with it – vote for me.”

To my mind a CSM member has no power to implement a game change – they just provide feedback on what CCP wants to do. At best they might be able to proffer up ideas, or warn off CCP from bad ideas. What I want is someone to vote for who I feel thinks similarly about the game as I do. An understanding of Carebears, a focus on the sandpit nature of the game, an appreciative love of the game, and the ability to communicate and be mature enough to interact positively with players, other CSM members, and CCP. Sell yourselves for goodness sake.

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