Back to defaults again and again

Crucible 1.5 arrived with a flurry of issues around the new EVE launcher. While I had no issues with the patching process, it did not seem to reliably support running two separate EVE install directories on the one system. Over the first week I had at random points each directory clear its cache and revert to default settings several times. Reconfiguring everything takes an age, so after the 5th occurrence I had to give up and just run EVE out of the one directory. This wasted a great deal of time and caused a fair bit of aggravation.  I still haven’t got each toon’s overview set up perfectly.

(The main reason for running multiple installs was to have a backup of the software (found to have been rather useful over the years), and so that I could set each install to run at different resolutions and quality settings.)

I have also found the client seems to use more memory, and the interface is slower to update. Hopefully with a bit of time – and the fact they are focusing on such things, that will improve again over time.

I re-set up my mission Orca, and set about crisscrossing the galaxy, grinding standings in missions again. Just as I got into this process my Alliance got war dec’d, which meant Empire was out of bounds for a while.

The logical conclusion was to just move to NPC 0.0 – but there is an issue there as well. We had a group of reds move into our main home system a little while ago, which has seen us relocate temporarily. (I say temporary, but the new location is better, so I suspect it will become more permanent.) The reds were actively camping the old system, and the route to the new, so I’ve sought of been caught in limbo.  (Plus with a rather large collection of ships to move, which is not particularly appealing.)

In the end I’ve just not been able to play that much.

Training continues. My main picked up Black Op and Marauder IV. Alt 1 completed Recon V, which made such a nice difference to those ships that I immediately set it for my main. Alt 1 is now working on Caldari and Amarr Frigate and Cruiser V skills – in anticipation of the splitting of the destroyer and battlecruiser skills into racial subtypes. Alt 2 continues with science training, just picking up the last 10 odd skills used in invention.  Not much else has been happening though, and due to RL, I expect that to remain the situation for a while to come.

3 thoughts on “Back to defaults again and again

  1. The overview is a complete pain to have to reconfigure. However, I suggest trying to get it as right as possible and then using the option to export it to a file. This file can then be exported back in to the overview after a reset to get the settings close to what they were before.

    I don’t think the export saves every setting, but it saves tabs and information about which brackets are visible, which is a huge time-saver in itself.

    • I did have an exported overview – although a couple months old. It is all the other stuff – alignment of all the chat, drone, overview, target, cargo, etc windows, all the market quickbar entries, having to reconfigure every station container not to default to locking items, and so on, which leaves you grinding your teeth 🙂

      • I feel your pain. I had to do the same recently. Quite how someone dreamt up all these nonsense defaults is beyond me. Maybe that’s something Team BFF can resolve, as it would surely benefit all players, and particularly the new player experience, as they like to call it.

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