Only in EVE

We read today that CCP have banned The Mittani for 1 month and removed him from CSM7 for his drunken bullying of another player during Fanfest.


I expect the current flood of rage and venom will continue in the forums and blogs for a while, but this official response draws a line in the sand.

I don’t condone the behaviour, but felt the apology was contrite and appropriate, and the official response was somewhere within the bounds of what could be expected.

There are a couple things which stand out for me though.

The first is the strong sense that the player reaction was more often about personal hate and politics than concerns for other’s wellbeing.  This was the excuse needed to be able to attack the Mittani.  If it wasn’t this, it would have been something else down the track.

The second is the hypocrisy in the reactions.  Every day I see bullying in EVE – be it comments on killboard entries, in forums, on blogs, on News sites, or chat in local.  It is usually targeted at either goading the target into further ill-conceived responses, or eliciting tears or a laugh.  I don’t like it – but it proliferates EVE.  Understanding its context and having the fortitude to ignore it is important if you want to enjoy the game long term.  While the Mittani’s behaviour was wrong – there are many thousands of other players who have publically tormented and ridiculed other players.  Why isn’t there the same level of indignation and forum rage on these?

I can understand the view that the Mittani brought this upon himself with the role he played.  I certainly dislike the character, and was looking forward to the time when karma would strike and he’d be taken down a notch or two.  But this isn’t that moment for me.  Instead I’m left reflecting on how many people can’t differentiate between the boundaries of the game and real life, and allow themselves to be so worked up over it.

I very much liked Jester Trek’s blog post here.

I agree with that sentiment.

One thought on “Only in EVE

  1. Some people do try and make a plea for more civilized behavior in the forums – only to be immediately shouted down by everybody else (mostly with no actual argument given).

    Latest example: (via

    It’s tilting at windmills, so it’s no surprise if the rage focuses on those cases where something can actually be done (with the downside that this comes with overreaction).

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