Protecting the Cyno Pods

As expected, the Corp and Alliance have decided to make their relocation in NPC 0.0 more permanent, and have abandoned their old home.

I have been very busy in RL, and away a few weekends, so I found myself left behind with a large collection of assets.  I managed to find some quiet time last night and make multiple Carrier jumps into and out of Low Sec.  I’ve probably moved 70% of the ships, and 30% of the supplies, so still have a bit of an effort to go.

I’ll sort and rationalise it all in Low Sec, and move a much smaller volume of stuff down to the new base.  I might even keep it to within what I can carry in my two carriers.

The process has raised an interesting question.  I have my Alt open a Cyno, jump my carrier to it and dock, and then I log my Cyno Alt off.  The Cyno ship stays in place for the full 10 minutes, but as I had it explained to me, the Pod is safe.

If you have aggression, or are aggressed while within your Cyno ship, logging off won’t protect you since you will have a 15 minute timer before you will disappear from space, meaning you can be probed down.

I know when I log off a Cyno Alt that the POD doesn’t warp off, and it doesn’t appear on scan.  It just “disappears”.  If someone in 0.0 bubbles the empty Cyno ship and kills it, I assume the POD doesn’t appear.  I also assume the POD isn’t aggressed, as the ship is in effect abandoned.  Can anyone confirm this thinking?

3 thoughts on “Protecting the Cyno Pods

    • Same region, just a couple constellations away. (I’ve never mentioned where my Corp is based – not wanting a scenario were something I write here impacts them in game, but based on that loss mail you posted recently, we are sort of neighours.

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