Patient Jumping

Everything has been moved out of the old NPC 0.0 home base. It is best not to think about how much the fuel cost. At one point I forgot to restock the fuel bay and found myself too short for the jump. I never realised the traffic control locks you out for a further attempt to the same system for a minute or two.

I resolved to only keep in 0.0 what I can carry in the two carriers. It took most of a day to sort all the equipment I brought out and rationalise it into a suitable volume. I will probably break that rule though – just to add a couple more Battle cruisers to the hanger. My Main alt was able to piggy back on the Cyno of one of the Jump Freighter Jocks, so is in the new home. My main just requires another quiet moment to make the jump.

I have already found an annoying problem with the new home – it almost always seems to have neuts and reds in it. If you are flying something that has half a tank there is nothing to worry about, as help is close at hand and in large numbers, but there are always people waiting and watching for the opportunity to gank you. That might take a little bit to get used to.

I haven’t forgotten about my Wormhole suicide trip – but the Corp and Alliance are really focused on limiting killboard losses at the moment while they look for new members to join. (Every time I contemplate clone jumping to the ship there is a message from the CEO pleading with us not throw away silly losses.) The killboard stats are not brilliant, but they are also not horrendously bad either. Any corporations contemplating joining would at least see that the Alliance does do a lot of PVP.


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