Moved In


Unexpectedly, the hostiles were absent from the new NPC 0.0 home for the start of the Easter Holidays.  I was able to complete my move and setup Station, Undock, Cyno, Gate and Safe spot bookmarks.

I also jumped down a dozen odd BPO for my Industry Alt, and was able to queue them up for ME research with minimal or no delays.  While I need to be mindful of fuel costs and risks, having access to 0.0 Station Labs might work out to be rather useful.

Meanwhile I took my Alt’s Orca into Jita with the excess supplies from the old 0.0 base, and have been selling them on the market.  (This seems a less annoying process than in Amarr – my usual selling point.)

I am not entirely sure what to make of the markets.  Like many, I was surprised to read that CCP will be drying up the mineral supplies from Drones and Rat loot.  That will have a dramatic impact on the game – especially for the higher end minerals only really available in 0.0 or Wormholes.  I might hedge my bets – sell off half my stocks at the current inflated prices, but leave enough to cover my ad-hoc manufacturing for a while.

There would be a fortune to be made in this sort of market, if you were so inclined to spend the time.

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