Passing through a system on the weekend I caught part of a conversation between two new players – one was being told by the other that he could earn 2Mil ISK an hour with missions.

It might have been a while, but most of us did have a time in our EVE game where that was a lot of ISK.

I’ve been watching the markets go haywire in response to the incoming mineral nerfs planned for in the Escalation release.  I finally spent a few hours on the weekend with a mix of buy orders and purchases of minerals, and resold the lot a day later at a trade hub for a 150M profit.  I was pleased with the quick turn over and the fact I wasn’t left holding stock.  I am somewhat uneasy at the thought of how long the current market speculation bubble will continue, and then what the final prices minerals will settle at.

CCP Greyscale made a couple of interesting remarks on the forums yesterday about the mineral nerf.

To paraphrase out of order – “We’re already committing to a mineral supply “shock” in this patch”… “Our plan for this is basically to make the changes, see where prices end up settling and then potentially make further adjustments (to the game as a whole) to react to this.”

It is an important statement – CCP are quite deliberately throwing this upheaval into the game without knowing just what its impact will be.  Reading between the lines, I get the impression if the end results are unpalatable that there won’t just be a reversal of some kind, but an attempt to fix with a more complete adjustment to the game.

Forcing change upon the EVE community was part of the theme of the latest EVE video blog, this time with Jon Lander (Senior EVE Producer).

He remarked that the ship balancing and lots of new modules coming up in the next two expansions were aimed at trying to force change into the old cookie cutter fittings and fleet doctrines.

There’s an element of risk with the overall approach, but I’m inclined to give CCP leeway when mayhem and unsettling the status quo are their stated objectives.  Adjusting and adapting is part of the fun.

2 thoughts on “Change

  1. Or you could consider us all test bunnies in the giant EvE lab experiment… now what other games could you use such a dedicated set of spreadsheet wielding manics to test to destruction every conceivable angle after a change?

    For a game designer, that knowledge would be gold in the future.

    Of course, thats once you manage to douse the forum flames down to a more manageable nuclear death level 😛

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