Who owns your game?

I was speaking to a friend yesterday about some of the current upheavals in the game, the mineral nerf, the power of the Goons, the upcoming Burn Jita and Hulkageddon, and so on.  He’s an ex-player, and remarked with a touch of bitterness that once again the casual Empire player will suffer the brunt of things.

I am not sure that is really accurate.  The main people who will suffer are new players, and those who play EVE “their way”, in isolation to whatever is happening around them.  While I suspect there are many who would suggest everyone in Empire is just such a brainless Carebear, I’m not so convinced.

There has been a mixed response in Corp.  While there is certainly some frustration and annoyance at the impact, management is busying itself in a marketing campaign to get the Carebears down to NPC 0.0, while the theory crafters discuss ship fittings and approaches to minimise the risks.

I can’t work out if this is all just a perfect example of a sandpit, or proof that in reality most of us are just reactive pawns and that only a handful of powerful entities really control our game.

Like a good little pawn, I have been focusing more on my Empire Industry alt for the last couple weeks.  In the back of my mind I am thinking she might be sidelined until it becomes clear what the impact from the player empire incursions have, so I am making hay while the sun still shines, so to speak.

I made another 200M odd on the markets this weekend, again for just a few hours’ work.  The markets are active, and there are plenty of opportunities to earn ISK (even in a quiet backwater).  From my blog reading, others are making an absolute killing.


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