On and off the market wave

The local markets were very busy this last weekend, probably the most competitive I’ve seen them since around the time of the Crucible release.  While I ended up making 250M ISK, it took a lot more work.  Lots of 0.01ISK order updates – which I don’t really enjoy that much.  I will probably sit back and relax more now, waiting for things to settle after the impact of the escalation release.  (Which is just about to be implemented)

The Corp bank balance is over 1.6Bil – which is an increase of 1B in around 6 weeks.  (It got to a low of 600M with the costs of getting into T2 invention.)  Given it took almost a year to make the first Bil, I might have learnt something from the process after all.  I have a reasonable stock of minerals and T2 ingredients so can ride out of the next few weeks without having to gamble on the markets if I want, and I don’t have any risky speculative stock on hand.

The other thing I did on the weekend was to finally re-do and re-start my PI installations, which have been dormant for most of the last two months.  It took a substantial amount of time.   I researched the markets to pick 3 new items to produce, and while I am still doing Robotics, it is only at around 30% the volume.

I’m short one planet to cover off all the ingredients, so will have to train up Interplanetary Consolidation from IV to V on my main industry Alt once the invention related science skills are all completed to rank IV (in about 6 days).

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