Burning bookmarks

In a move which shouldn’t have surprised many, the Goons launched their Burn Jita campaign early.  I would guess to both try and head off the impact of War Dec’s before they went live, and to catch more people unaware.

I watched Jita local with my docked price check alt, and the view outside the 4-4 station via a couple of live feeds.  It held a somewhat morbid fascination.  The kill board’s suggest it has been successful, but the attackers have not had it all their own way through active War Dec’s and various forms of resistance.

While it is certainly interesting, I’m not sure how much of a real impact it will have – aside a few people rage quitting.  It seems to me that the Goon’s Ice Interdiction, and their current Technetium price squeeze are of longer and harder hitting consequence.  The timing of the later couldn’t have been better– coming right at the point of the mineral supply nerf with the markets already jittery.

I don’t think CCP would mind if Jita burnt for a year.  Having a relatively small cartel growing obscenely rich by controlling one of the key ingredients in all T2 manufacturing might however force their hand.  We might see the planetary ring mining (or something alike) for moon goo implemented earlier rather than later.

I spent a good 4 hours in the game today – doing nothing but warping around the home NPC 0.0 constellation making safe, undock, station and gate bookmarks.  (With a few pauses here and there while having to wait for hostiles to pass through.)  I’ve done very little since moving into the new home – finding it overcrowded and too regularly camped by cloaked hostiles.  I’d been questioning why I was there – but after today have decided to base myself out of one of the quieter systems.  At least there I should be able to do exploration or NPC stuff once in a while.

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