Who needs plans

Happy with my bookmarks and understanding of the lay of the land around my new chosen NPC 0.0 Station, I logged in on Sunday to do some PVE.  Within minutes a neutral entered the system, opened a Cyno, and two Carriers flown by pilots from a well-known pirate alliance jumped in and docked.  A few minutes later a Tengu undocks, drops probes, and is on the hunt.  That put an end to my plans.

A few days later I log in again at around the same timeframe with the same plan – but soon after neutrals log or jump into the system, open a Cyno, and bring in a couple Jump Freighters.  Then EVE does an emergency reboot, and my plans fall through again.

The Carebears game is always controlled by other people…

One of the carriers sat protecting the Cyno on the earlier encounter.  I had considered dropping a bomb on the Cyno frigate for laughs, but held off as I did not understand the mechanics used by the Sentries on the NPC 0.0 Stations.  Apparently they only respond if you directly target and shoot at the station – and don’t respond to bombs if you haven’t targeted it.  I’ll have to give that a go next time.

The Mittani claimed a somewhat heightened impact from the Burn Jita event in his most recent article for Tenton Hammer:


While I am sure it had a physiological psychological impact (as would his warning that it might happen without notice on any of the other trade hubs in future), I’m not sure it really had any more than a momentary economic impact.  A month long Hulkageddon supported by 0.0 Money might however.  I am intrigued to see if I am caught up in it during my PI and trade runs in my haulers.  I have already changed the route I take to pick up buy orders (to crisscross a main highway instead of running along it), plan to minimise how long I spend at Custom Offices, cut down on the value of what I carry, and never auto pilot (although I don’t do that generally anyway.)

I just finished training the last of the Invention related science skills to rank IV – and have various BP copies coming out of the labs about now.  Any efforts in that regard are also likely to be impacted by the Technetium price increases (whatever the real underlying cause).

Again – my game is controlled by others…

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