What’s in your hanger?

Jester remarked on the ships he owned and the background to their name in this post:


My first thought was “Mmm, interesting”, followed soon after (to be brutally honest) by “Mmm, that’s an easy Blog Post”.

It actually turned out to be a somewhat painful process – particularly as I messed up the calculation and had to go back and count them all over again.  I ended up with 88 hulls on my Main and primary two alts.  I gave up at that point – but would have a dozen more on my last two trained Alts.

My Main has 59 ships in 11 stations.  Alt 1 has 22 ships in 8 stations, and Alt 2 has 7 ships in 2 stations.

These are split up into:

28 Frigate Hulls – Probe (Cyno) (x7), Kitsune, Crow (x2), Taranis (x5), Ares, Raptor, Manitcore (x3) Helios (x6), Anathema, Cheetah

5 Destroyer Hulls – Thrasher, Sabre (x4)

22 Cruiser Hulls – Arbitrator, Celestis (x2), Exequror (x3), Rupture, Scimitar (x2), Basilisk, Arazu (x3), Curse, Pilgrim, Falcon (x2), Rapier (x2), Loki, Tengu, Proteus

5 Battlecruiser Hulls – Hurricane (x3), Cyclone, Drake

1 Battleship Hull – Rattlesnake

2 Carriers – Archon, Thanatos

25 Industry Hulls – Badger Mk2 (x2), Iteron V (x5), Noctis (x3), Viator (x2), Occator (x2), Obelisk, Orca (x3), Covetor (x3), Hulk (x2), Mackinaw (x2)


The above number is down a dozen or more as I went through a bit of a cleanup spree over the last couple months. It also might sound silly, but I had not realised that I had three Orca’s until just now. I also picked up a couple hulls going through the asset lists that I had forgotten all about, such as the Anathema and the second Falcon.

As you would expect, these ships are spread across Empire, Low Sec and NPC 0.0.  The names are written in code which relates to entries in the EVE Fitting Tool – basically a couple characters to represent its focus (such as haul for hauling), the version number for the fit, and if it is rigged or not.  It doesn’t make for interesting reading…


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