EVE is 9 years old today

I’ve been playing EVE for the last 5.5 years.  My Main has 97M SP, my main Alt 90M.  My in game assets would be worth over 30 Billion ISK.  While I am more of a casual player who prefers to be self-sufficient, I have spent more than half my career in corporations run by other players.

As with previous years, CCP are giving away free stuff.  For the most part these follow the new trend set last Christmas by being somewhat underwhelming. I now have more refining skill books than I know what to do with.


The system my Industry Alt lives out of is generally quiet, although it is not uncommon to have a couple individual miners working the belts.  Since Hulkageddon started, this is the more common view on D-Scan:

Someone was running low level missions in a destroyer while I was moving around some trade goods and sorting the PI installations.  It was amusing to see the innocent movements of the pilot spook the miners, who decamped and docked for a while.

There have been another two DEV Blogs from the Security Team:




The Nosy Gamer (a blog well worth following) posted a series of interesting posts relating to the war on RMT and bots:





I am keeping half an eye on the upcoming changes in the Inferno Expansion.  The new inventory system is getting some rave reviews from within my Corp, although it sounds like it isn’t bug free yet.



The kill mail updates are partially interesting, although as with most features CCP introduce that mimic a function 3rd parties have already filled, I’m not sure it will change how players collate and report on these things.  Being able to save the fittings though within the game is nice.



Some of the War Mechanic changes were noted – although the new pricing is just bizzare and makes no sense to me.  There are extra reports and such, which might be of interest if you are into that sort of thing.  It will be interesting to see what they end up deciding on with regards handling players joining and leaving corps with war decs on.



There were other DEV blogs related to the Escalation release which I hadn’t flagged – such as more UI tweaks (must remember to try out updating my orders from the market tab):


The EW notification icons (a good idea)


Details of the Rogue drone system Security changes:


And so on.

There have also been a lot of interesting Forum posts, Facebook comments, Tweets, EVE News articles, Blogs etc which help to convey the scope of the upcoming release, and the fact many aspects of it are not yet set in stone.  Six months ago I would have said this meant they would not make it into the release, but Crucible showed CCP is more adapt at getting changes across the line.  The video’s I’ve seen of the new launcher effects look excellent – and I suspect they might have the same sort of visual impact as the Nebula did, and just yet again up the visual goodness.   The replacement stealth bomber hulls also look great.

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