Faction Warfare Datacores

RL is knocking me about at the moment, so I am only logging in EVE once every two or three days.

My two day PI schedule tends to slip out to 3 or 4 days, but the setup is effective enough for a first iteration.  Trade has died away – even more so than expected.  Very little is moving.  Whereas a couple of weeks ago I was competing against 4 or 5 active traders, now it is down to only 1.  (And they are updating their orders almost as infrequently as I.)

There was a Dev blog on the Faction Warfare (FW) changes:


My Corp / Alliance can’t be involved as our membership includes relaxed empire dwellers, and FW is not Carebear friendly.  For me, the thought of ending up with very low standings against one or more factions that you would then have to tediously grind back up again to use their space is just unbearable, so I won’t be getting involved either.

Even though most players don’t do FW, we are all about to be directly impacted by it due to the datacore supply changes.  Datacores are used in the T2 invention process.  The number of datacores I collect from my research agents will drop by half, and come with an extra tax.  Instead the FW pilots will be expected to supply the market from their LP store purchases.  We will have to wait and see where the price and availability of supply ends up like.  I do however get the strong impression that a small number of people will be able to manipulate these changes to make an excessive profit for themselves.

From an industrialist point of view it doesn’t really matter – you adjust your prices to suit the new supply costs and pass it on to the market.

I’m mildly annoyed at the personal income nerf.  I currently make around 100M a month on my datacores – although it takes a couple hours to fly two Toons around the 70+ jump circuit to collect and sell them.  It is not enough to make a huge difference to my game, but it adds up over time.  It also makes it a little harder for those players who like to source as many of the raw ingredients they can for themselves.  But that is EVE – the rules of the game change and you adjust.

And that would be it – except I still find myself irritated.


CCP Soundwave commented “We want to move T2 production more towards low and zero-sec. This gives us a very cool venue for FW to influence the rest of the universe instead of being a closed-loop system.”  Later he also remarked “All I can say is that if you’re good at killing things, you’ll benefit”.

I can’t say I was surprised that CCP Soundwave was involved – he usually gives me the impression that he’s far more PVP focused.  I’m not sure what it is – probably just my own Carebear tears and bitching and moaning.  I look to CCP to provide balancing, new tools for the players, and new options.  Manipulations like this however seem to be more about CCP saying “this is where and how we want you to play the game”, which I don’t like from a sandpit point of view.

Taking the timely reminder from Ardent Defender ( http://ardentdefense.wordpress.com/2012/05/10/public-service-reminder-rd-agents-datacores/ ), I ran around and collected all my datacores before the nerf hits in a couple of weeks.  I “sold” them to my Industry Alt to stockpile for her invention.

2 thoughts on “Faction Warfare Datacores

  1. EVE is not a balanced game if anything its more one sided and far on one side than it is balanced. But that’s a whole story in itself.

    Yes the Datacore to FW LP/Store is a raw deal and very irritating one for capsuleers that are Inventors. The change to Datacore’s to me is nothing but CCP trying to change the passive income stream from Datacores that many use them for. Faction Warfare needed a change and they felt it needed a twist to it as well and throw in the Datacores with FW. I don’t think that will entice any Industrial R&D Inventor to do FW. I don’t have the time, plus I’m also a Trader and having good relations with all 4 empires is important to me as a Trader. Thus engaging in FW makes no sense for me personally.

    But not everyone uses Datacores as an Income stream, it certainly has never been such an Income stream for me. Almost all the Datacores I’ve Researched went into my Invention process. Much of the Datacores I’ve used I still haven’t recovered the cost for as yet with the almost 900 T2 BPC in my hanger. That’s also different to buying some Datacores I may see on the market in one region at one price and flipping them in another region for a profit. I’m a Trader i’m just trading there. None I’ve collected I ever really sold, rarely if that. But yeah like you say people will adjust as change is constant in EVE. In the mean time i’ve just stocked up on some extra Datacores. But time will tell how it will all work out.

    For the moment I have enough T2 BPC Prints of many various mods to last me a long time If I made them all. So no real worries. And last counted have somewhere over 5000+ Datacores in my Hanger. I dare say thats allot of ISK in Datacores I have sitting there.

    • I think I currently have about 2,000 datacores, but will be flipping more than half of them on the market. We might well find out the price halves due to a flood from FW. (Well, it seems unlikely, but I try to keep my inventory levels low to ensure I keep the ISK turning over.) 900 T2 BPC? I think I am about 870 behind you!

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