The Line

Chribba has another Outpost to his name – this time in the rather famous HED-GP.  He had an Outpost in 9UY4-H Providence for over a year, leaving it open for anyone to dock.  I seem to recall reading that he had at least one earlier to that, but only for a short period of time.  The fact that can happen in EVE endears the game to me.


There was a new DEV blog out with some refinements to announced updates:

Good to see the cost of war against large alliances has been reduced through a somewhat complicated looking equation.  I must admit I hadn’t realised before that the minimum cost of any war is now 50M ISK.  That might cut down a fraction on the griefing of small corps.  (Well, I did say a fraction.)

It also covers 7 of the new modules coming into the game – the biggest from a PVP point of view will probably be the Ancillary Shield Booster’s, which are fed from Cap Boosters.  They are also changing the Capacitor Battery, which will now reflect a portion of Nos and Neut effects back on the attacker, which could be interesting.

Not all of these modules however will be seeded directly on the market – some will only be available in BPC drops from professional sites and rats.  I’m not entirely sure I like that.  Some of these new modules could make quite a difference to standard fits – but the scope and impact will depend on just how readily available they are.  If they end up being the equivalent of faction modules, they might simply not be used by the masses, which would be disappointing.


Last of all, something I have been sitting on.  This was raised across various EVE blog sites a while back – including on EVE News 24

In short the Goons are looking to use their numbers to possibly disturb and troll EVE related twitter feeds.  I am not a Twitter user – but understand there is a very active EVE community, including CCP employers such as CCP_Diagoras (who puts a wealth of interesting game related statistics up). I assume they want to make the main Twitter tags unusable through flooding.  I briefly read the Twitter terms and conditions, and it doesn’t look like the Goon’s would be technically doing anything wrong.

Does this cross a line?  There are certainly some in EVE who follow the credence that the ends justifies the means – such as the illegal hacking of EVE related forums, or the Denial Of Service attacks on Voice Comms or Websites.  While I don’t condone it, it is usually being done for an in game benefit.

The threat from the Goons doesn’t really seem to be about an in game benefit.  (Well – I guess it might build more comradery, or reinforce the Goon being Goon legend.)  They are looking to disrupt and grief people outside of the game or game specific forums, for their own amusement.  I know by writing an EVE related blog that I would likely face trolling through comments, being called an idiot in EVE forums or on other blogs, and possibly get hassled in game.  While not an especially pleasant thought, I accept that.  I hadn’t considered the surprising lack of boundaries some people have when it comes to what is only a game.  The whole thing just doesn’t seem to sit well with me.

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