Light a match

Today’s the day of the Inferno release.  The Patch notes are up.


Overall I am not particularly enthused with this expansion.

I wrote a long post about the various additions, but kept finding a sarcastic edge to my commentary.  It is the Faction Warfare changes which irk me.  In part they seem too arbitrary and on initial view seemingly unbalanced.  More than that though, I am left with the impression of CCP being too heavy handed.  It hurts my notion of a sandpit.

I am looking forward to seeing the new Missile effects and Stealth Bomber hulls.  The latest EVE Trailer uses them to maximum effect.


I see much of the War Dec changes as positives.  No longer needing to vote on War is good – it can now be triggered by the CEO or Directors.  Corps fleeing Alliances will carry the War Dec, and Players fleeing Corps will not be able to rejoin new ones immediately, both good changes.  The possibility of putting surrender terms against a War Dec is also long overdue.  The public war reports might be interesting – although soft targets might find them a source of more griefing.  The Ally / Mercenary support concept is also cool – although I wait to see how it is actually utilised.

Out of the new modules, it is the Ancillary Shield Booster which interests me the most for solo and small gang PVP.  I hope they don’t end up being too expensive.

There are some items of minor concern.  CCP is starting the transition from Tier to Role based classifications for ship hulls – one of those was changing the Tormentor Frigate from a mining to a combat ship.  I have wondered at what they will be leaving as mining frigates – if anything.  They were an important first step for an industrialist.

There was this little note – “Research Point amounts will not be adjusted in any shape or form with Inferno release”.  So you if you have not cashed them out, they will halve in value overnight.  I guess they are like certain Government Bonds.

Another little item – “Market tax has been increased from 1% to 1.5% as a part of our initiative to keep the EVE economy healthy.”  I wonder at the specific goal of that – and how it keeps the economy healthy.  I guess it depends on how you look at the change – only a 0.5% increase in the cost of doing business, or a 50% increase in a tax.

And the last one that stood out – ““If a player logs back in whilst his ship is still in space at a 1-million-km emergency-warp point, their ship will now be vulnerable to warp disruption bubbles at this location as it attempts to e-warp back to its original position”

Some recent community blogs which add more detail:

The Ally System:


The Skin colour changes in the character generator:


And more detail on the Factional Warfare (although check the release notes for more specifics)



One thought on “Light a match

  1. I guess I feel similar as you about Inferno. Glad for the expansion but not to particularly excited overall.

    The only thing I’m excited about is improvement to the Wardec System though far from perfect but an improvement all the same. The other is new module BPO’s been added to the game. That’s about all I’m excited about which isn’t really much.

    As far as I’m concerned everything to me personally are all minor cosmetic changes and improvement if the game and feel of it. But nothing else much I’m really that excited about.

    As for taxes it will be interesting to see over the next few month to long term how this affects established big market hubs and the major trading players in maybe decentralizing the market a bit. Accounting if I remember reduces taxes 10% per level. At lvl 5 with the changes it reduces taxes by 0.75%. Thus compared to the old system pre inferno at lvl 5 taxes will increase by 0.25% or maybe I just suck at math.

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