Empty holes

Meanwhile I have actually been playing the game..

I’m back in the Loki and sitting in Black Rise.  It’s another region I’ve never spent any time in.  My initial impressions are that its nebula is somewhat uninspiring, and there seem to be a great many people and POS in every system.

I bring up DOTLAN to get my bearings, undock and jump into a nearby system with no Stations.  There are only two people here, with wrecks, yet more POS, a Golem and Raven Navy Issue on scan.  I launch probes and find two signatures.  I’m rusty, and it takes me more time than I am willing to admit to pinpoint a combat site and a Wormhole.

I recheck d-scan in local to ensure nothing has changed, and then jump into the unknown.

It’s a C1. D-scan is clear and the stats show the last NPC activity was more than 6 hours ago.  There are two POS in system, the first offline, the second online and owned by a small Russian Corp in a Small Russian Alliance.  War Dec and killboard history suggest they don’t go out of their way to be hostile.

With nothing still on D-scan I launch probes and find 5 signatures.  Grav, Radar, a Wormhole, another Grav site, and the Hi-Sec Wormhole.   It takes me 3 or 4 minutes to find each one, which starts to add up.  I warp to the new Wormhole to find… nothing.  I deploy probes and re-scan.  Appears it has died in the last 5 to 10 minutes.  I couldn’t find a new wormhole signature to replace it, so I was forced to return to Hi Sec the way I came in.

I move next door.  19 people in local, lots and lots of POS, but no Probes on scan.  I find 4 unknown signatures, which resolve to a combat site, a Grav, another combat, and a Radar.  I find these quicker, but it still takes an annoying amount of time.

The sheer number of people in all these systems bugs me, so make a few jumps over to Lonetrek and ferret out a quiet system.  I deploy probes and find 2 Anomalies which I ignore, and 2 Unknowns.  The first is a Mag site, the second is a Wormhole.

I jump back into the unknown.  There are 2 towers on the initial scan, and what seem to be some 100 moons.  There are two further planets in distant orbit well out of D-Scan range.  I warp to both but strangely find no POS on either.  I warp back towards the sun and quickly find the first POS.  It is offline, has lots of guns anchored, and is owned by a 3 man corp.  The other POS has a stack of modules and weaponry anchored, and sits in a huge cluster of moons.  Given no ships come up on scan, and the last NPC activity was more than 9 hours ago, I don’t bother hunting it down and instead just drop probes.

1 anomaly and 4 unknown signatures.  I start to scan but tiredness gets the better of me.  I recall the probes and park at a safe outside of 15AU of the POS and log off.

A day later I log back in again.  I warp across the system checking d-scan, but everything looks quiet.  There have still been no new NPC kills, so the hole owners don’t appear to have been back.

It’s odd – I know I am in effect in a hunting role, and aside transitioning between wormholes, I am relatively safe as I can warp cloaked.  Yet still I feel uneasy.

I warp to the wormhole bookmark, but as expected it has collapsed.  D-scan remains quiet, so I set about probing.  There are 4 signatures on my side of the rather wide system.  I get lucky and find a wormhole on the first one I hunt down.

It leads into a C3.  I check the other signatures – a Ladar, Gravimetric, and a second Wormhole that leads back to Empire.  I find these all relatively quickly (for me), but it still takes 8 or 9 minutes in total.  I decide to check the Hi Sec entry first, so warp to it and jump through.  In to the C3.  Damn, must have got my bookmarks around the wrong way.  I see probes on scan, so bookmark the entrance and jump back into the C1.  I go to warp to the Hi Sec entrance to find it comes up as Approach.  Argh… I’ve bookmarked the C3 entrance twice.

I sit cloaked off that entrance and re-scan down the Hi Sec entrance, mumbling and cursing.  What far off region will I find?  The Citadel.  *sigh*

I return through the C1 to the C3.  The probes have gone and it appears quiet.  I safe up as RL calls.

I return later and things still seem quiet.  I check around but there isn’t even a POS in here. It does have a black hole effect, so maybe that’s a no-no.  (I look it up later.  It doesn’t appear to be that horrendous, assuming you don’t rely on missiles.)

Unsurprisingly there are a dozen anomalies and almost as many signatures.  I start scanning these down, this time taking note of the signature id’s.  Ladar, my inbound wormhole, then another outbound wormhole.  That goes into another C3, which I jump into.

Nothing on scan in this new hole aside 2 POS.  I find the first on an outer planet.  It is for a known NRDS alliance (who for historical reasons I won’t attack).  It is rather foolishly setup with a dogs body of Torps, Rail, and single EW modules online, and has various unpiloted haulers floating within the shield.

The second POS is run by a 8 man Corp, not affiliated I would guess with the other guys.  As I slow boat away cloaked to make a watch bookmark, a cyclone warps in.  As I was checking d-scan regularly, I am guessing they probably logged in.  I wait and watch for a while, but they don’t move.  Frankly I’d be hard pressed to take that on with my fittings, but the pilot is somewhat new, so it would be worth the chance.  In the end the approaching downtime wins out.

I jump back to the C3, then the C1, and back into Hi Sec to park.  Turns out Jita is close so I might take the opportunity to review my fitting again.

I can’t say I am finding this especially fun.  I was getting a little quicker with my scan times towards the end – down to just under 3 minutes each signature, but it still adds up when you have half a dozen to investigate in each hole.  I’m also aware I’m reliant on a lot of luck to actually kill anything if I do find active players.  I am contemplating bringing my Alt along with me.  I’ll have to think on that.

11 thoughts on “Empty holes

  1. Glad to see you fly in the best part of New Eden. So, here is my open invitation, fly with us from our C2 for 1 week and let’s see if we find something interesting to look / shoot at… Epigene

    • Thanks for the invite My Alliance has a blanket ban on flying with anyone but blues, so I won’t be able to take you up on the offer. You are however to welcome to kill me if I stumble across your C2 in my travels. (The Loki was purchased with the specific goal of losing it in a wormhole.)

      • Ah, Alliance rules! Oh well, offer stands in case you stumble upon us. And I am a PvP wimp, I’ll be very unlikely to start shooting a your Loki. Others in my corp are a bit more gung-ho ….

  2. Hmmm… I too am scouting W-space, but not in order to die, in order to find my corp a new homehole… 14 holes and approx 24 POSes in the last few days. I have setup inna C2/Lo/C2 a guy gave us as the PI is shite and he couldn’t sell it.

    May I ask a boon? While in your travails, if you run across a C3/Stat Lo that is either empty or has offlined POS(es) and good PI, would you consider letting me know and mebbe ‘tracting me a BM from Empire?

    • My wormhole visits can be a bit sporadic, but I am happy to do this if I chance upon one. (Although how do I tell if a low sec connection is static? I’ve never had to know before..)

      • Search the J# on EVEYE (http://eveeye.com/) you will get back very detailed info on any given hole and also on any system in EVE.

        (…and yea… ya gotta pay ISKies for full access to EVEYE… but if you mess ’bout in holes atall in EVE, the level of detailed info is very worth the ISK, and you can pay by the month, so you only have to up your account before you go a-holin…)

        When you run a J#, you will get basic info and listed under that will be a “Connection to…” which listes the static holes that J-sys gets daily. When I discuss holes I always use the format; “C2/Lo/C2”, meaning a Class2 hole w/ a static Losec hole (A239) and a static Class2 hole (D382) this is the type of hole I am currently living in while our corp tries to find a C3 hole to call our own.

        Didja know you can sell any clean (IE Empty) holes you find? By empty I mean no active POSes (better no POSes). One of the etherestate brokers available is Taggart WH Sales (https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=9388) or sell em yourself on the forums.

        You just have to have a toon inside (your main or a CovOps & scanning capable alt), scan & BM the statics, what you actually ‘sell’ is the BM to the hole. Prices run avg 300M and up depending on factors such as, Spatial Effects (sun based phenom); system size; # of planets and moons and most importantly PI & Tech Production resources.

        Those of us such as live in holes keep EVEYE [and DOTLAN] open in the background allatime (DOTLAN does not give the static holes info).

        Hiope this helps… =]

      • Probably if the WH System has an outbound connection (non K162 WH signature) connecting to Low sec and always connect to that location it would likely be a static connection.

  3. K162s are always the inbound, or assend, of a wormhole. All others are designated by where they go 99% of the time…
    A239 are static to Losec;
    D382s are static to C2 holes… etc., etc. …

    Ref DaOpa’s WH Database: “http://www.ellatha.com/eve/wormholelist.asp”

    • I used that link already – it just didn’t specify if a wormhole link was static or not. Thanks for the tip about eveeye – I checked the website out of game, but they don’t seem to say how much they charge for the full information view without creating a trail account.

  4. Not sure why wormnav.com hasn’t come up yet. It’s free and contains -afaik- everything of importance about the WH you are in. It also contains “siggy” which can be useful in corp activities. Just open it in the in-game browser and “trust” it and you are done.

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