That’s not PVP

I came to the conclusion that bringing my Main Alt along on my Wormhole Exploration has more Pros than Cons.  The main negative is that by running both, I split my attention which may cost me a ship.  The benefits however are the Gang boost, extra pair of scouting eyes, and it opens a lot more options for aggression.

So that decided, the next step was to work out what ship to pilot.  I thought about a Gank DPS ship, like a Sleipnir, but concluded being able to warp while cloaked was too important in a Wormhole.  I looked at the T3 Cruisers, but by the time the Covert Ops Subsystem and a Core Probe launcher were fit, the DPS was not worth the price of the Hull.  Stealth Bombers are too paper-thin for dual boxing and a Covert Ops Frigate not necessary since that was in effect what my main is flying.  So that left Recons.

I looked at them all – but it was obvious that the Hull which gave me the most options with the least need for micro management was a Falcon.

I once lost an Arazu to a Rapier.  (Stick with me here…) I jumped into him and was Warp Disrupted before the slow as crap Arazu could cloak and warp off.  I knew he had friends the other side of the gate so I tried to burn away, overloading the Warp Scrambler to keep his MWD drive offline, and overloading my MWD in the hope of maybe getting out of Disruptor range.  While I got 22km out a couple of times, the scram would then drop and he could pulse his MWD to cut the gap down again.

Meanwhile our tanks were dropping at around the same rate, so there was still hope – until the gate flashed, a Falcon uncloaked, and I was jammed.  I was soon warping away in my Pod.  In local I got a rather embarrassed apology from the Rapier Pilot for being forced to use his Falcon alt.  He remarked our dual was looking too close to call otherwise.  I told him not to worry about it, and that I would have used one if I had it available.  (I might have already told that story.)

There seems to be a stigma to piloting a Caldari ECM boat.  Hot drop a Dominix with 6 Supercarriers and people roll their eyes and call it overkill.  Uncloak a Falcon in a close battle, and you get disgust and cries of sacrilege.

Still – I can not think of a better option.  I adjusted my normal fit to carry a Core Probe Launcher and a bit more tank (dual boxing means it has to take care of itself a little more).  I then clone jumped my Main Alt back to his cheap empire capsule, Auto Piloted a shuttle to Jita, and set up the following:

[Falcon, Wormhole]
Damage Control II
Signal Distortion Amplifier II
Signal Distortion Amplifier II

Experimental 10MN MicroWarpdrive I
Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II
BZ-5 Neutralizing Spatial Destabilizer ECM
Enfeebling Phase Inversion ECM I
Dread Guristas ECM Multispectral Jammer
Dread Guristas ECM Multispectral Jammer

Salvager II
Salvager II
Sisters Core Probe Launcher, Sisters Core Scanner Probe I
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II

Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I

Hobgoblin II x2

Given I am not used to dual boxing in PVP it will probably all go pear-shaped, but I do now feel I have a lot more options to get up to mischief.

4 thoughts on “That’s not PVP

  1. I find your comment about the Arazu being slow surprising but as I’ve never had PvP in one I’ll take your story at face value. I decided to check out your Falcon fit so see what I’d need to train to fly it. I was surprised to discover I already could… *waves sheepishly* … Mr. carebear here obviously. I fit up an Arazu as close as I could to this for comparison. It’s not as good a jammer as it has one less mid slot. However, with the extra low I slid in a Shield Power Relay II and boosting it’s staying power but the Falcon still has more EHP. The Falcon is clearly superior in this role for only 30 mIsk more. It’s a nice fit. Well done.

    • According to EFT, that Falcon has a minimum warp time of 7 seconds. My old Armor Arazu I was using was 9 seconds. Or to put it another way, it was as slow as my standard PVP Drake to align and warp.

  2. I find myself curious… What is the minimum DPS you seek?
    I live and scout W-space solo in a Max CloakyLoki… with the CovOps, Interdict Nullifier & Emerg Locus subs I am limited to ‘only’ x5 425mm AC IIs but w/ x3 Gyro IIs and loaded w/ Hail I get 380 DPS…

    Now as I am solo in here I have a fit I am sure many PvE and PvP purists would cringe and winge at (eff em I say), but I have to strike a balance between running Sleepers effectively and being able to defend myself if(when) attacked…

    So I am asking out of simple curiousity… =]

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