I completed my PI and Trade runs this weekend.  I’ve only been doing them sporadically of late.  They have started to become a chore, so I’m letting them slide.

I recently moved into a number of new trading areas, mainly around T2 modules.  I was surprised at the lack of competition.  Others must have had the same thought at the same time though, as my free ride was short lived.  I am bemused at how often that seems to happen to me.

My PI chains are not fully balanced, and I have to make up the slack in several ingredients by buying them off the market.  Alt 4 is currently working on Command Center Upgrades V and Interplanetary Consolidation V to help address this.  I am finding that only 2 of the 4 products I make turn over quickly.  I’ll either have to travel to Jita to clear the other two, or think about focusing just on Robotics again.

I also recently spent a day running around with my main Alt picking up all his unused junk which had spread across the map.  This was mostly AFK hauling of low value ships and assets.  Who knew you could end up with so many Iteron V’s.

All this sort of stuff falls into the category of distraction from real life instead of actual fun.

As I was meandering about, I couldn’t help but be reminded on how much the populations in EVE are now spread about.  My quiet little Empire backwater trading system now usually has at least a dozen pilots in it.  I counted 20 today.  Once I would have it to myself for days on end.  The low sec system I do my capital jumping through is now almost always busy, making moving carriers more risky.  Everywhere you go there are people in systems, where 6 months ago they would have been empty.  Was this the impact from CCP’s changes to mission runners?  Did Hulkaggedon help spread the miners out more?

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