When there’s not enough drama in game, EVE players will create it outside the game

I’m down to only 8 ships left in the game that my main can’t fly – the 4 racial Titans, and the 4 racial Jump Freighters.  The Titans I don’t think I’ll ever bother with, but the Jump Freighters I will get once I train each Freighter skill to rank IV.

A little late – but if you haven’t already, the current CSM chair provided a useful overview of the latest CSM Summit.


To be honest, the hinted promises from a CSM meeting don’t often seem to become reality on Tranquility.  Still – some highlights for me:

. CCP have a coherent plan for 6, 12 and 18 months ahead.  You haven’t always been given that feeling in the past

. CCP has an impressive amount of statistics available to it on how the game is being played.  They don’t just have to rely on the loudest of the Forum trolls

. There are plans for POS updates which will happen, are sensible, and have capabilities exceeding the CSM’s expectations

. There are plans for balancing Tech moons

. There are plans for industry updates that seem to excite the CSM.  Mining plans were discussed but didn’t seem to be as concrete

. There is art work for new ships and new structures

. The discussions about treaties and contracts raised some interesting sandpit options that I hadn’t really considered before


The venom in the forums and blog sphere continues between the “EVE is too hard” and “EVE is too easy” brigades.  There seems to be a lot of contempt and frustration on both sides, with occasional levels of hatred (which is a word I don’t use lightly).

While there are interesting points and suggestions being made on both sides, these are being submerged under a flood of shouting from the soapbox rant and ravers.  The loudest are not listening to each other, so you have a situation where there are disparate conversations, arguments and counter arguments which don’t relate to what the other side is saying.  That isn’t a proper debate, and only serves to feed the trolls.

The same quality of debate can be found around the new War Dec rules and their impending changes. I’m not even going to try to summarise that one.  A couple views on the topic can be read here:



I remarked the other week (https://evehermit.wordpress.com/2012/05/15/the-line/ ) how I thought the Goon’s targeting bloggers in game for retribution for disagreeable comment was overstepping the line.  I’ve read a number of blogs since where the view is any EVE related comment is fair game, no matter the location.

Mabrick is currently under Goon War Dec – you can follow his blog here: http://mabricksmumblings.blogspot.com.au/.  Apparently another blogger put under the same spotlight (Yuki of White Rose Conventicle) has taken their blog down and left the game.

I don’t mention my EVE character names on this blog (although it could be worked out) – not because of any such concerns about my in game life, but because I have no wish to bring trouble to my Corp and Alliance.  If you happen to find something so objectionable about this blog that you really must make yourself feel better by trying to grief me in game, feel free to let me know.  Assuming it doesn’t seem to be a complete waste of my time, I’ll hop into one of my personal Corps, let you know which one, and you can go crazy.

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