The lady doth protest too much methinks

When my wife was pregnant with our first child, we got into the habit of reading the weekly progression of Kaz Cooke’s book “Up The Duff”.  One comment left a lasting impression.

She warned that when you told people you were expecting, you should not take the reaction too personally.  It was more about them than you.

It helped put context around the responses we had – from an indifferent family member to an acquaintance that gushed and cried with joy.  It has also held true in many other areas of life.

I’ve been viewing the sometimes spiteful banter between the Carebear vs. Aggressive Player in the same way.  Paying less heed to what they are saying about their opponents, and focusing more attention on what their posts might say about them.

I know this really oversimplifies things, but I have been left with the impression that both sides have their share of bitter vets whose behaviour and angst is more reflective of their struggling relationship with the game than how much EHP a Hulk should have.  There are too many personal attacks and too much negativity.  You look for thoughtful analysis, logical and workable ideas, and goals which would improve the game – but instead find people who just seem to be looking for an excuse to rage quit.

I suspect CCP ignored the angst-ridden cries and focused on what is the real underlying issue (in this particular case), the role and balancing of mining ships.  I really like the proposals.  They are not giving the miner’s their tanked Hulk as demanded.  In fact it seems they will be mostly unchanged, and are specifically geared towards group operations where they can be protected.  (Not that grouping Hulks together provides any real level of safety.)  Instead they are buffing the lesser tier vessels with greater yields, much better tanks, and much greater ore capacity.

I’ve seen a few comments that it will just mean there will be lots of Retrievers AFK mining in Empire after the next Expansion, but that wasn’t my first thought.  I saw that finally there would be a perfect mining vessel for Low and Null Sec.  I haven’t bothered taking a mining vessel down to my NPC 0.0 home.  The Risk vs. Reward equation was heavily stacked in the negative.  A cheap Retriever which pays for itself in its first full Hold changes that equation entirely.

I caught the DEV blog soon after it was released, and happened to be sitting in Jita spending up on exploration ships.  I took the opportunity to buy a couple dozen mining vessels off the market, and then resold them 12 hours later for a useful profit.  The hype seemed a little silly given the updates are not set in stone and are many months away, but I figured the prices would bounce.

I am a touch sad however – all of a sudden the lower tier mining vessels will be worth keeping in your hanger.  That is disappointing as one of the things I have made good money on over the last year has been buying and re-selling the lower tier mining vessels as people upgrade.

Meanwhile I have still been playing.  I am having some issues with my dual account wormhole explorations – mainly around the PC not coping well with two long running EVE clients and the various browsers and applications I have open for research and recording what is happening.  I had a few frightening freezes during session changes while jumping through holes, which is not something I want to lose an expensive ship to.  I had already planned to replace this desktop PC, but I now need to get organised and do that sooner rather than later.  In the meanwhile my wormhole travels will be partially on hold.

What I have done is setup another Orca and loaded it up with exploration ships, and started to run those empire sites I was ignoring while hunting for wormholes.  I figure I needed some different screen captures for the Blog, plus it should improve my scanning, and put me in better stead to go back to doing some Low and Null Sec exploration down the track.  I’ll post up my rather ugly Jack of All trades Legion fit I ended up with soon.

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