Hi Sec Exploration

While scanning down Empire systems for entrances into Wormhole space, I would keep finding system after system with every sort of site but a Wormhole. As I mentioned last post, I have set up a new Mobile Orca base to wander across the galaxy and get reacquainted with these again. As you would expect, I am now finding system after system with only Wormhole entrances in them…

My Alt pilots a travel fit Orca for me, while I swap through the ships in its Maintenance hangar as needed. Currently stored there are:

. Buzzard (Prober)
. Retribution (PVE Fit)
. Moa (Gas Miner)
. Raptor (Shuttle)
. Thrasher (Salvager)
. Legion (Empire Jack of All trades Prober)
. Covetor (Hull and fittings in Corp Hanger)

I plan to run just about every site I find at least once, stopping to enjoy the scenery in each one, and move across the map to try my hand at all the Pirate faction variations.

I’ve had 4 sessions so far, and have found lots of Omber Gravimetric sites (which I have ignored), a large number of Wormhole’s, a couple Combat sites and the usual mix of anomalies.

I had the Pulverize the Pioneers Escalation from a Rogue Drone Haunted Yard Complex, right through to its end. I use the Retribution for this, and found it easy but with minimal rewards.

I also had the Medical Twilight Escalation from a Blood Watch Complex. I started with the Retribution on this, but found it was taking too long to kite the mass of ships while staying out of neut range. I completed the rest of the complex and resulting escalation with the Legion. It still required a bit of care with triggers, but otherwise worked out well. This also went right through to the end, but the site was in an extremely busy low sec system. I contemplated taking in a Pilgrim, but reading up the description I don’t think I’d get through it before I was scanned down and someone else enjoyed whatever rewards dropped from the Blood Factory Overseer. As such I did not complete it.

I had half an eye on D-Scan while running the Blood Watch Complex, and noticed two sets of probes out. As such I wasn’t surprised to get two visitors – the first in a Nighthawk in the first room, who warped out again. (May have been because the gate was locked and I had dragged the key ship a fair way out in my Retribution.) The second visitor was in a Proteus who came into the second room and tried to trigger the Faction Ship – but I had already killed and looted it and got the escalation. He stole from a can then warped out.

I can see being contested in these sites is going to be a bit of a problem. It is obvious people just Zerg these – hitting the triggers, getting the faction drops and then just warping out. I am generally not researching them, working them out as I go, and just taking my time. That is going to cost in me ISK, and likely a level of annoyance.

The drops were all pretty average, but that just comes down to luck. For around 4 hours effort I ended up with 55M of loot and 10M in bounties. Not good money, but half fun for a change.

Here’s the Legion Fit I am currently using. It is trying to be a Jack of all trades, but so far I have been pleased with its performance. It wasn’t that expensive either.  It doesn’t have much of a buffer though, so in the harder complexes you will need to pay a little attention.

[Legion, Hi-Sec Exploration v01]
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Corpum C-Type Medium Armor Repairer

Federation Navy 10MN Afterburner
Cap Recharger II
Codebreaker I
Analyzer I

Heavy Beam Laser II, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M
Heavy Beam Laser II, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M
Heavy Beam Laser II, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M
Heavy Beam Laser II, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M
Small Tractor Beam II
Salvager II
Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher, Sisters Core Scanner Probe I

Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Medium Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I

Legion Defensive – Nanobot Injector
Legion Electronics – Emergent Locus Analyzer
Legion Propulsion – Fuel Catalyst
Legion Offensive – Drone Synthesis Projector
Legion Engineering – Augmented Capacitor Reservoir

Hammerhead II x5
Hobgoblin II x7
Vespa EC-600 x5
Warrior II x5
Hammerhead II x4