Just what sort of neighbours do you want?

The Corporation leadership has dropped a few hints of late that there are unsettling changes ahead in our 0.0 home. I haven’t spent much time down there for a while, but I ventured over to the various EVE related forums until I found references to what they are probably talking about. Looks like it might get messy.

While doing this research I was again reminded of the derision that tends to be thrown our way in public.

I’ve always been a member of Corporations and Alliances that are somewhat clumsy at PVP. Tactics tend to be rather poor, fleet composition a mess, and pilot skill lacking. While the occasional good FC or pilot comes along and lifts the rest, these people generally end up moving on to somewhere more professional. These organisations make up for that however with heart, a level of tenacity, and a willingness to have a go.

Truth be told, my Alliances generally don’t forge homes for themselves in 0.0, but have instead done so as part coalitions, or as allies of stronger powers. They do so however without paying rent. Interestingly while their enemies never show a great deal of respect towards them, their Allies tend to.

I haven’t minded these Groups. They are often made up of older blokes, married with kids and busy careers, whose real life means they just can’t do more than play EVE on Casual mode. But they enjoy the game, and are happy to experience all parts of it. Like me.

As I said, when I read comments others make about us it tends to be derogatory. Sometimes this is laughable – hissy fits because you won’t engage them when, where and how they want you to. Sometimes it is accurate – we really can be that bad. Sometimes they are indignant that we dare to exist in Null Sec in the first place, and insist we should be driven out.

I am not complaining about the insults. I am not asking to be left alone or be given a free ride. I am not suggesting we have any particular right to be where we are. I do wonder however why our enemies see no value in our presence.

They don’t need or want our space (we really do live in the crappiest of places) and there is no risk of being usurped from their own homes. Basically what we do is provide targets. Not always easy targets, but targets none the less. The killboards are always active – and while we mightn’t put up challenging fleet compositions, we do give out scraps and skirmishes. There are also the industry, mining and PVE ships doing foolish things that can be hunted down.

Is there considered to be no value in having neighbours like that?

We have recently seen lots of complaining about the more casual players being in Empire – yet when we move to Null Sec, they complain about us being there too!

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