Situation Unawareness


A little while ago CCP mistakenly removed a few items from the game – including Python Mines.  I had some in my central storage location in Empire.   CCP realised their mistake and returned them sometime later.  Unfortunately this was to the station you happened to be docked in at the time, which was in NPC 0.0 on that particular day.  Those little mines finally made their way home on the weekend via carrier jump and a manual trip across three regions.  Hopefully next time CCP fix a mistake it requires a little less effort from the players.

Speaking of mistakes, what about those Faction Warfare reward changes?  I had assumed everyone would be aware of them, but the Corp forums only started to discuss them yesterday.  It was a reminder that many players pay no attention to EVE news, forum and blog sites.

There are two main publicized issues – the first was a rather smartly identified logic hole which was manipulated for extreme reward by a small group of players.  It looks like they may have had their plunder removed:

The second is a far wider abused mechanic which is explained very well here:

While I will be happy to see these all fixed, redressed and rebalanced, I had to admit I basically found a level of amusement in it all.  CCP should never underestimate the powers of observation and ingenuity of some of its player base.  If you summarise this right down – there are players who know aspects of the game better than the developers who wrote it.  I guess that is the consequence of having a sandpit to play in.

I spent some time back in NPC 0.0 – mostly moving ships and a clone around, picking up some old purchases from far flung stations, and finally getting my industry Alt’s researched BPO back to Empire.  I then spent time in Empire on my Main, repeating the process I followed on my Alt, clearing up old mission bases and reducing the number of stations which show up in my asset list (which was getting quite long).  I keep notes as I play EVE for this blog – the above endeavor only saw one line being entered – “Gee the Metropolis nebula is nice.”

I also picked up some new PVP ships to try, and am just finishing off the process of staging them in low sec where my carriers jump in and out of.  During this process of ferrying hulls and supplies I had an Alt cloaked on the low sec gate I was using.  I had just jumped back out to empire in a transport ship when a Raven Navy Issue landed on the gate and sat there.  I thought it was an odd choice of ship to be camping a gate, but after a few minutes it got even stranger.  He launched Core Scan Probes.

I remarked on it in Corp, and someone pipes up that it might be a trap.  It didn’t look like it – the player was in a NPC Corp with under a year on his pod license.  I think he was just flying dumb.  Still – he was sitting right on the gate so could escape easily enough if he wanted.  The Corp’s rules of engagement basically (and intelligently) suggest you don’t pirate in our common staging systems.  Easy for me to follow given I am not inclined to pirate anyway.  Still – this needed some response.

So I boarded a Stabber Fleet Issue and jumped back into the system.  No movement and no targeting from the other pilot. He must have had his system map up.  I tried to bump him off the gate to get a reaction, but each effort only moved him a few hundred meters.  I docked the stabber and went back out to Empire for another combat ship.  This time I returned in a Cynabal which had a more satisfying effect, and I managed to knock him out of range of the gate.  Still no reaction however, he seemed blind to the fact I was there, and what I was doing.  I wasn’t going to engage him, and I didn’t want to leave him miles off the gate for someone else to kill, so I just left him there.  A while later he warped off to an Exploration site, probably none the wiser.

2 thoughts on “Situation Unawareness

  1. This somewhat reinforces my view of the game. My first times venturing into low sec, i was terrified and totally aware of my surroundings. I went to great lengths to stay safe but it feels like perhaps i was surrounded by other people going to great lengths to stay safe also… Maybe I just got lucky like this guy, but it always felt to me like you don’t need to be nearly as careful as people make out.

    • Low Sec – outside various hot zones, is a rather strange beast. I’m in your boat – overly cautious. I do however see plenty of people using the space smartly, who leave other players alone and are safe to operate around. I also see examples of very silly game play from players older enough to know better, which suggests they are poor students, or don’t suffer consequences too often. But then – just when you start to think it mightn’t be so bad after all, you get to watch a skilled pirate hunting a system, and you are reminded again why caution is worthwhile.

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