The real meaning of 1.1?

Updated my EVE client with the Inferno 1.1 patch and logged two accounts in.  Soon found my system struggling to cope, so closed down other applications and watched memory usage.

Inferno 1.0 memory usage was around 750Mb docked and 850Mb in space.

Inferno 1.1 memory usage seems to be around 950Mb docked and touch under 1,100MB in space.

1.1 apparently stands for 1.1GB of memory required.

My 32 bit version of Window’s 7 can’t run two clients comfortable of that size.

I updated my laptop install and found it uses around 850Mb of memory in space – but it defaults to much lower settings.  Looks like I am going to have to play around with the visual settings and downgrade them to free up memory.

At the time of Incursions I could run 3 clients on my PC without an issue.  After Incarna it dropped to 2 clients.  Currently with Inferno it is down to 1.  Amateur hour at CCP again.

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