100M SP


At around 6am yesterday my main character moved past 100 Million Skill Points.  I would have liked to have watched the number tick over, or marked the occasion in some way, but instead I was busy getting ready for one of my rare visits into the Office.  How inconsiderate of my boss to pick that day of all days to fly in.

In line with my Jack of all Trades approach, he has 345 skills, 94 of them at level V.  The three highest SP categories are Spaceship Command (37.4M), Gunnery (13.9M) and Missile Launcher Operation (6.8M)

As I recently remarked, he can fly all but 7 ships in the game (he covered off the Anshar earlier today).  He can also fit all but a handful of modules.

He would have around 20B ISK in cash and assets, with more sitting on a number of other accounts.  His biggest source of income over the last year though has probably been inflation – where he has sold or turned over assets which through little planning have ended up worth much more than he purchased them for.  For example while cleaning up a mission base last weekend he found tags which he had purchased years ago for around 36M, which have a current value of 450M.

He operates around a number of bases, most of which have a jump clone associated with them.

. A Mobile Mission base – consisting of an Orca stocked with everything you might need for running missions

. A Mobile Exploration base – consisting of another Orca stocked with everything you might need for Empire and Low Sec Exploration

. Two stations, one in Low Sec, one in NPC 0.0, where his Carrier and related supplies are based

. A separate NPC 0.0 base with additional ships, to give more flexibility to be able to undock and join fleets

. A static Mining and Hauling base where the Corporation operates, including another Orca

. The Wormhole roaming T3


If you look at Chribba’s EVEBoard ..


.. you’ll see there are at least 4,000 pilots registered with the service with more than 100M SP, with the current highest being 196M!  (I am regularly sitting in +3 implants when in 0.0 or Wormhole space, and I chop and change between skill trees, not always maximising my stats to suit.  (You only get so many re-specs.))

Aside covering the skills for the Ark, Nomad and Rhea (which will be done in a bit under 3 weeks), he doesn’t really have any major goals at the moment.  That is something I need to rectify.  I want to continue the Exploration (both the high sec and wormhole ones), but this is on hold until I work out a way to comfortable run two clients on this PC again.  (Or CCP re-tunes the memory usage to allow it, or I organise the new hardware I had already planned.)

7 thoughts on “100M SP

  1. Congratulations mate. 100mil is a lot – does that make you feel you are playing “endgame EVE”? I am stuck around the 30mil mark and can fly pretty much anything I want (living in a WH limits what you a little).

    • Interesting question.

      To me “end game” EVE is different for each player. It comes down to achieving whatever your main goals are, and not being able to conceive anything else higher you would want to aim for.

      The high SP count just means I have extra options available in how I can choose to play the game. I don’t view it as an end game by itself.

      • Well, the question on what the endgame is is as old as EVE. Other MMOs have end games, EVE does not. My comment was a little “trollish”, my apologies.

        EVE is a weird game in that respect that you can meet deep experts in some corner of the game who are clueless about another. Case in point, we are recruiting for WH operations. Someone with 10 accounts and 4 carrier pilots came to me and asked me how the mining is in WH. If there are belts, rats, ice fields, gates…. At the same time, I personally have never seen a Cyno field, Sov thingy, large PvP fleet, outpost or incursions….

        So yes, you are right, endgame is what you make it.

  2. Grats on the 100M SP mark achievement. I guess your now in the still exclusive 100M SP Club. I could double the amount of SP on my main character and i’m still not there yet. Which also mean it would still take me 2 times the length of time I have been playing EVE to get there. I can only imagine the amount of skills it would take to have actually 100M SP as a Pilot with a wide variety of skills.

    • I was pleased to reach the mark, but as Spatus alludes, high SP is not really an achievement. It is just a milestone (which is not all that exclusive). It did make me stop and reflect on where I have been and what I want to do going forward in game. It might also mean I am automatically labeled as a Bitter Vet, regardless the level of grumpiness I might have about the game…

  3. Congrats! I’m at 49 million and some change. After I square off some essential wormhole related skills, I plan to start on skilling into being able to jump into ANY ship in the game. The reason is because on a few occasions I’ve come across abandoned ships in wormholes that I cannot fly, so I end up blowing them up instead. So when I join the 100m sp club, hopefully that’s where I’ll be.

    • Being able to fly and fit all ships in game (aside suppers) is one of my goals. I am very close to finishing that off – so I would expect you’ll cover that easily enough by the time you hit 100M SP too.

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