Waiting on an ETA

I downscaled some of the graphic settings in line with what Helena khan suggested. It managed to lower the memory usage by around 150MB when running a single client, but I was still hit with stuttering freezes when running two.

One way or the other the issue will get resolved. I ordered a new PC last night. I checked the status of the build tonight and they are waiting on an ETA for the CPU and primary SSD. If those parts don’t take too long, I am hoping it will be ready in the first half of next week.

I watched some of the Alliance Tournament matches over the weekend – somewhat against my better judgment after the farcical ending to the last one. I knew a couple of the pilots so I made the point of watching their matches. Neither did so well. The commentary annoyed me after a while – one of them was too hostile towards the other which quickly got tiresome.

I’ve been watching an interesting shift in the dynamic of the Corporation I am a member of. While it prides itself on the RL > EVE philosophy, there is a reality about any Corporation who is in 0.0 (even the NPC version of it). Your alliance and allies have an expectation that you will have a level of participation that is in proportion to your member count.

This is actually the most active Corp I have been involved in – there are frequent mining ops, group build projects, PVE fleets, a permanent wormhole presence with regular group ops, and relatively frequent PVP ops. The problem though is most of this activity isn’t visible outside of the Corp.

Perceptions are important, so there seems to have been a focus on ensuring everyone is involved in something, and trying to move some of the Alt army out to reduce the distorted member count. It’s a difficult balancing act for the Corp leadership.

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