Out with the old, in with the new

It has been a hellishly busy couple of weeks, but tomorrow should be the last hurdle before things settle down again.

The setup of the new PC is progressing slowly but well, delayed a touch by the upgrading of my NAS and Printer / Scanner. (It’s been an expensive couple of weeks.) The old PC has been moved out to the dining room table, ready for an SSD and a fresh OS install.

Most importantly, I am back to being able to run multiple clients at the same time.

I managed to actually play EVE at 5am yesterday – for the first time in almost a fortnight I undocked instead of just updating a skill queue. I can thank my wife for the unexpected game session. After we were woken by our youngest at 3am, I made the mistake of chatting to her for a couple minutes. After that she spent the next two hours chatting back. In the end I had to abandon hope of getting more than 3 hours sleep, and headed downstairs.

I haven’t fixed up my UI after the fresh client install. Reloading the overview is easy enough, but having to reposition and tweak all the other elements to my taste for 5 active characters is a laborious task. I just did my PI and Trade runs, and settled on updating the overview for my two Empire Alts as I moved them about.

DDO has recently introduced a feature where you can save an overview and share it amongst your various characters – but it includes window placement and a couple other bits and bobs. It is somewhat cumbersome, but that extra information saves a great deal of time. I suspect I wouldn’t be the only person happy if CCP buffed the amount of information handled by the current overview export.

I am hoping to get some more substantial EVE sessions in over the coming week.

One thought on “Out with the old, in with the new

  1. /me is jealous. I can see from my iPhone that you can run the client on high graphics. My “good” video card took a crap a while back, so it’s low settings for the foreseeable future. Have fun with that.

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