Saturday Morning

I haven’t done anything of substance in the game for 3 weeks, probably more.  I set aside 4 hours on Saturday morning just to play EVE.

I log in, undock, then the youngest starts complaining.  I re-dock, wondering why my wife isn’t running interference.  Turns out she is in the toilet.  The undock / re-dock cycle continues for 15 minutes, but it’s a waste of time and I am forced to go watch the kids.  I lose over an hour of my hoped for game time before my wife finally re-appears. I return to my study and undock.  Ten seconds later my wife walks in and says she is going to have a shower.  I dock up again before I get out of range of the station.  I ask her to be quick.  She glares at me.  I return to watching the kids.  An hour later my wife finally re-appears.

It takes a further 30 minutes of interruption before the family finally leaves the house for soccer and I finally have some peace.  In my shortened game time I manage to:

. Purchase the Cloning Facility Operation skill book and ingested it on my main
. Purchase a set of +3 implants for my alt
. Move the implants 25 jumps and leave in a station with a vanilla clone
. Move his current clone 27 jumps to where I want to leave it
. Jump Clone to the vanilla clone and load implants
. Move 30 jumps to pick up a spare Covert Ops
. Move 7 jumps to ingest Armor Resistance Phasing and Target Breaker Amplification skills
. Move some 30 jumps out to my second NPC 0.0 home system, by-passing a couple gate camps and making gate bookmarks along the way
. Log in another alt and scout a Corp mate into Low Sec

Now my Main and Alt’s clones are in sync.

. +3 Clone 0.0 home system 1
. +3 Clone 0.0 home system 2
. +3 Clone with wormhole exploration ships
. +4 Clone with Mobile Orca Mission Base
. +4 Clone with Mobile Orca Exploration Base
. +5 Clone with Mining Base

The new PC has exceeded my expectations, and is flying along very nicely. Now I can finally run multiple accounts together again, all I have to do is log in, pick what I want to do, clone jump and go.  And I will do just that.. once I can find 2 spare minutes to rub together…

5 thoughts on “Saturday Morning

  1. Wives and kids have a funny way of doing that. Since I’ve moved to w-space I’ve noticed it more.

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