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I’m running on empty at the moment after a couple very tiring months in RL.  When on rare occasion I have found time to indulge in EVE, I’ve tended to be playing instead of blogging about it.  I am hoping I’ve finally turned a corner, and will shortly be getting back into a more normal routine.  (Although I know I said that some weeks ago…)

Of the time I have spent in game, I have mostly been roaming Hi Sec doing exploration.  This has been following the vague notion of running all available exploration sites at least once while making my way across all Hi Sec Regions.

I must admit I am not finding this particularly relaxing or enjoyable so far.

I’m aware exploration sites are a shared and open resource, and that they can be contested.  In a way, they are just another form of Player vs Player interaction.

It has been some years since I last did any serious Hi Sec exploration, but back then you generally found a level of courtesy.  If you found someone already running a site, you would leave them and move on.  If someone was already mining a hidden belt, you would leave them be, or ask if they minded if you joined them.  It wasn’t hard being civil like this, as people tended to do the same in return.

Jump joyously at my Carebear tears if you will, but now it seems rudeness is the norm.

I was mining Hemorphite in an empire hidden belt a while back, watched probes on scan take an eternity to find the same site, then had a team of 6 hulks and an orca warp in and proceed to try and strip mine the site as quickly as possible, including it would seem deliberately try to deplete whatever I was targeting.  The more profitable combat sites regularly have people try to zerg through or past you.  In fact the only sites you are relatively safe in are Drone ones.

There’s no comment, or trolling, or acknowledgement of your existence.  It just seems like that is the norm nowadays.

If I was calculatingly zerging these sites it wouldn’t matter.  I would be in and out before anyone else could spoil the party – but that isn’t really what I am aiming to do here.  I wanted to stop and smell the roses – so to speak, take the time to enjoy the sites, take screen captures, and work out the various spawn triggers and structures that drop loot for myself.

I might have just been unlucky in the area I was in – although I doubt it.  Anyway, I packed up and moved 30 odd jumps back to an old quiet stomping ground I haven’t visited in years, to see if things are different there.

I am not overly fussed – it just isn’t the relaxed meandering I was hoping for.

3 thoughts on “No Title

  1. I spent a while doing hi-sec exploration fairly recently. I found it to be quite competitive. Being the first to arrive at a site by no means guaranteed a reward and I usually found myself in a race to the finish.

    Most of the time I would win the race and if I found anything valuable, I would send some isk to the person I was racing. Had a few good conversations after that. People are stunned when they get something for free. They want to hate you for “stealing” their site (even if you were there first).

    There are cases when I can enjoy the tears of others… but I personally got more enjoyment from handing out 50M when I get 250M for myself in a “contested” exploration site.

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