Less aggravating after all

I don’t know why I mined Gas in Empire.  It isn’t profitable,  but I just hadn’t done it before…

I’ve had 4 good long EVE gaming sessions in the last four days.  I can’t remember the last time that happened.  One was just spent doing my Trade and PI runs, which had been neglected for quite some time.  The other three sessions were spent doing Hi Sec Exploration.

Thankfully there is a lot less competition in the new region.  There were more people around than I remembered, but few were using Scan Probes.

I ended up running lots of Anomalies, 6 Combat Sites with 1 full escalation, 2 Salvage, 2 Gas, 2 Radar, plus the usual Wormholes and Gravimetric sites.  In all I only had one person warp into a site I was already in – and they then turned around and warped out again.

That might not sound like much in retrospect, but it included a couple Gas and Asteroid Mining sessions that I used more to tweak fittings than to turn a noteworthy profit on, and a side trip to buy and setup a Pilgrim for Low Sec Exploration.

Clearing a handful of Jaspet left in a Grav site to speed up its respawning

There were a couple things that stood out.  First was that there were a lot more Miners out and about than I would have normally expected to see.  Second, there were an unbelievable number of POS in Hi Sec.  I’ve had POS anchored in some of the systems I am currently travelling through, and you would generally only have a handful of others.  I was finding system after system with 10+ POS in them.  I spent a little time in Low Sec following an Escalation – and counted 15+ POS in some systems.  How do people justify the fuel costs!?

I’ve changed a few tactics – if I find a good site I will recall probes and run it immediately, to lessen the chance of competition.  I tend to be a salvager – not for the ISK, but to placate my sick need to clean up.  I’m cutting right back on that.  I’m also doing whatever is required to quickly trigger the faction spawns, so that if someone else warps in I’ve already got the good stuff.

In total I made around 180M ISK – although to be frank most of that was only from three good drops.  I then spent about that much on buying and fitting out a Pilgrim to run the last of an Exploration Chain that was several jumps into Low Sec.  (Amusingly I literally made about 500K ISK in total from that one.)

Hour for hour, it is not as profitable as just running missions would be, but I find it more enjoyable.

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