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As I have remarked before, I maintain a simple word document where I formulate my blog posts, and keeps notes on various in game happenings, thoughts and ideas.  I noticed today that the document had reached 58 pages.  It is time to borrow from the example of many other bloggers, and do an eclectic dump of some of this mishmash of topics I am unlikely to get around to fleshing out in a timely manner.

. Every time I read a quote from CCP Soundwave, I feel a little bit of my love of EVE dying.  His relentless focus on Player vs Player tells me that I – a Casual Carebear, am just not wanted in the game.

. I did three hours of Hi Sec exploration in EVE, including making my way into Low Sec twice following escalation chains.  The loot gods were not kind, and I made – in total, around 15M ISK for my efforts…

. I was initially concerned with CCP’s approach of changing from Tier to role based ship classifications.  I now think it is genius.  It used to be that you would generally just concentrate on the highest tier vessels, discarding the lower ones.  Now almost all ships in game which have been adjusted to this notion can be useful in their own right.  It gives players more choice and flexibility, which is a great thing.

. I think the Ancillary Shield Boosters have been a great addition to the game.  They have thrown up a whole new set of fitting options, and can give a bit of longevity to solo and small gang PVP encounters.

. CCP’s communication of late seems to be either feast or famine.  They either flood the player base with information, trying to get feedback, or go out of their way to say nothing just in case they annoy someone.

. CCP has stated that while they are happy to have Suicide ganking in the game, they want to ensure it comes at a suitable cost to the Ganker.  Some people view this as ruining the game by making it too easy for Carebears in Empire.  Apparently they want to be able to Gank people easily, cheaply, and with little consequence.  So they want the game to be hard – but just for other people.  The irony must have escaped them.

. I was bemused to note in the last CSM meetings that an attempt to have someone external transcribe the minutes failed because they made too many mistakes through not understanding the nuances and references in the various topics.  You forget how different the world of EVE is to someone outside of the game.

. My main finished training rank IV in each racial Freighter skill, allowing him to fly the corresponding Jump Freighters.  He can now fly every ship in game except for the 4 Titans.  This was a major and long held goal of mine – but passed with barely a thought.

. In the old days, player portraits did not automatically load until you did a Show Info on them.  If watching the coming and goings though a system, that meant you knew which pilots you had checked and which you had not by if their portrait was showing.  It would be nice to be able to flag pilots in local quickly (and outside of standings), as “checked”, or “reviewed”, or something along those lines just on a session or day basis.  (Yeah, it is pretty specific.)

. EVE just doesn’t seem to be as friendly a place anymore.  In particularly there seems to be a lot more bigoted hostility being shown against others if they happen to play the game differently.  I wonder if the lack of tolerance and rudeness stems from the increased real life financial pressures many people are facing around the world at the moment, or if it is a consequence of the age of the game and the length of time people have been playing it.

4 thoughts on “Topic Clean Out

  1. “I wonder if the lack of tolerance and rudeness stems from the increased real life financial pressures many people are facing around the world at the moment, or if it is a consequence of the age of the game and the length of time people have been playing it.”

    Perhaps it is a natural consequence of the strife within Eve that CCP is fanning at every opportunity. It is historically accurate to say humans denigrate those they war upon. It makes it easier to kill them to not see them as human beings with lives, loves and hopes for the future. I see no reason by this basic social mechanism wouldn’t translate into the social engine that is Eve Online. We are only human after all…

  2. Im my reading of the CSM minutes, i distinctly get the impression in my view that neither CCP or the CSM care that much about highsec player population and anyone that lives there really. Allot of highsec players help pays CCP’s bills and for that they give lip service as if they do care or try to appear that way as if they do. As well there seem to just be allot of hostility towards anyone as well that lives in highsec period.

    Ever since i’ve started EVE over two and a half years ago i’ve kept that feeling to my self that one the things I got the impression on was that there is allot of hostility towards anyone that chooses to live or earn a living in highsec or as to those many refer to as carebear’s. I for one absolutely resent that word. But that was not a feeling lost on me in my first few months playing EVE and reading around the community as one who is apart of it also. There is major hostility in EVE from those who occupy Nullsec space against the established wealth of the Economy movers including Traders who sits on lots of wealth earned making a living turning the wheels of the economy to the plain wealthy who pulls strings in the economy.

    There is allot of hostility towards people in highsec who just earn a living doing missions but other people in Null seem to think they have too much wealth and shouldn’t have it at all and the fact that those players in highsec can afford to have the ISK to bling out their ship with all kind of faction mods and buy pimped out faction ships. There are people in EVE hostile to players who can afford such things thinking they don’t deserve to have them and have them in highsec. I got those feelings and impressions in my very first few months of EVE and reading around the community.

    The thing is as a player anyone chooses his own destiny and how they wish to exist in EVE, not the other way around as if someone else chooses your destiny for you or to be some sheep to come be their easy gank target for them. But if any player chooses to live in highsec or any other places in EVE wether it be Low, WH and Nullsec who is to object how they choose to live and exist in space. No one should. Thats the life they choose in how they exist in EVE. Yet allot of bitterness get thrown to anyone who choose to exist in highsec for whatever their reason. I don’t envy the people that live in Highsec or WH or Null or Low sec. So why do some people there choose to be bitter towards those who chooses to live in highsec. EVE has allot of double standards.

    In EVE there is allot of bitterness all around and in my opinion i feel allot of the bitterness and rudeness stems from not from real life financial pressures but from the other reason you have stated. From the age of the game and the length of time people have been playing the game to have cornered some areas of it as their own with the intent to keep all others out with allot of bitterness in tow.

    • I ahve found it hard to understand and categorise the ignorance and hypocrisy people can have when attacking other play styles.

      Some you can ignore as pure trolling – but when people get so worked up over it at a personal level, you are left assuming there is more to it than meets the eye.

      I imagine there is a complicated mix of reasons – from simple trolling, to the sense of ownership people have over EVE as you suggest, to the consequence of the conflict EVE encourages as suggested by Mabrick.

      At the core however there just seems to be a real sense of selfishness – people just not willing or capable of comprehending anyone else’s view. Whatever it is – it harms the game.

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