A typical weekend

I had a rather standard weekend in EVE.

It started on Saturday morning with a PI cycle.  These are meant to be done every second day (but probably average weekly at the moment), take around 35 minutes across two characters, and currently earns me around 12M after taxes each cycle.

I am extracting excess P1 materials and have several free planet slots, so this income could be increased.  I am however only doing the cycles and updating things when I feel inclined, which is not terribly frequently at the moment.

Next I Jump cloned my Main and Alt down to NPC 0.0.  It is generally very quiet during my mornings, so after sorting a bit of gear I actually went out and did some belt ratting.  I ended up doing 3 short sessions after interruptions from the family, spending in total a bit over an hour, and made a bit over 50M ISK.  That was however including one Faction spawn, which dropped around 15M ISK.

I was chaining the belts, but found the behaviour rather particular.  At one point for example I would kill one of the rat spawn, and immediately a reinforcement (usually of a different type) would warp in.  This happened 3 times, one after another.

I went and did some investigation and found this thread back from March:


And this reply from CCP


I hadn’t realised they had changed the spawning of belt (and mission) rats in such a way.  I don’t recall seeing it mentioned in all the blogs I read, and obviously I hadn’t ratted for a long time to have only realised things were different now!  I guess that means you don’t bother chaining any more.

I also re-shipped into a PVP ship a couple of times during my stay when Intel reported Solo hostiles entering the pocket – but these seemed to either turn back or get killed before they got to my neck of the woods.

At the end of the weekend I did a carrier jump back to Empire with loot from the last 6 months, and then jumped back to 0.0 a few minutes later with some extra fitted ships.  The short session change means Cyno placement near the station is a little less important.  Even if you hit and bounce off the station, you can generally hit dock before you move outside of range.

I then Jump Cloned back to empire to grab some skillbooks, and a bit later this week I will look to move some additional loot to market.

My Main finished Astrometrics V today.  That allows him to start training Jump Portal Generation, use the T2 Probe Launchers, and the Deep Space Scanner and Gaze Suvery Probes.  I’ll have to have a look at how I can use the Deep Space Probe to get an overview of systems.  Seems useful for wormholes.

One of my Alt’s finished training Wholesale V, and just a short while ago I started training Tycoon I.  (I will get it up to rank IV.)  This is the Toon that I use to sell off Loot.  I am making use of that training by collating the loot I have amassed from Exploration, Missioning and dabbling in NPC 0.0 over the last 6 months and preparing to sell most of it.

This was EVE as it is meant to be for me.  It took up 4 odd hours over the weekend, provided a distraction and some downtime from real life, I chatted to Corp mates a bit, and enough variety and interest that I found it entertaining.

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